Mohair sweater

Army jacket
$1,115 –

Slim fit pants


Vans black canvas sneaker
$76 –

Monki zip bag
$52 –

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Pumpkin Brownies







Hello there!

I made the simplest of recipes last night, but I thought it would be a fun little one to share. I also got these adorable recipe cards from Anthropologie and they’re perfect for my baking posts so you can all see how to make the brownies and what you’ll need.

The 1 can of pie is exactly what you think, it’s pumpkin pie filling. These brownies are not the texture of normal brownies, so beware! They are very rich and have that pumpkin taste, but it isn’t too overpowering.

Try it out and let me know what you think,


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My New Article on Hellogiggles

Hello everyone!

Something very exciting has happened over the weekend. I now have an article posted on Hellogiggles (I can’t believe I’ve just typed that!) and it has to do with flea markets and shopping. It’s on the main page of the website right now, but here is the link to the actual article:

I am so excited to share this with you as I’ve read this website for years and am basically obsessed with Zooey Deschanel. (Who isn’t?) You can go check it out if you’d like! I am so excited about this that I am literally at this moment dancing around thinking of some more great blog ideas.

As far as this coming month, I have some great things planned. I’m working on a festive baking post tonight, and I have a collaboration with an excellent company coming very soon. Stay tuned!


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Hello everyone! 

I’ve just moved into college yesterday so I’ve been a little bit busy for blog posts. As of right now I have a room to myself and I’m situating the way I’d like to set everything up. I am going home this weekend to get my hair done, and I’ll be uploading a baking video! So there is something to look forward too. If anyone wants any Q&A about college or dorms, send them my way! I have a few pictures of inspiration to fill the lull in time until this weekend. I am enjoying pictures of landscapes and clean pictures lately, and as summer is ending I thought these would be appropriate. How were all of your summers? I feel so surprised that it’s already fall. I went to Target and TJMaxx to buy some notebooks and things for class, and it brought back memories of me doing it all throughout my school years. Luckily, I don’t have any classes on Mondays, so I had all of today to get ready and organized before my classes tomorrow. I’m also using this time to ask if any of you have a recommendation for a good DSLR camera. I have a photography class that I need one for, and I need a better one for blogging anyway!

If you are all going back to school or work, or perhaps already doing those things, good luck! This time is a hectic time, but it’s full of fun. Enjoy your early September!


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Back-to-school DIY Hair Mask






Happy Labor Day!

In case you didn’t see from my other posts, I’m attempting to keep my hair longer. I bleached it awhile ago and will be lightening it again soon, so I wanted to protect my hair from any styling I’ll be doing. Last fall into winter, I had a lot of hair masks that I circulated between and my hair was great, but I’ve run out of them and don’t want to repurchase them yet, so I’ve gone for a DIY hair mask!

I found many hair masks for many different things, but the main thing I wanted to do was protect my hair and make it stronger. The breakage I have isn’t too bad, but this mask does help with any damaged end you may have. 

The recipe was easy, I used 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and mixed it with 2 eggs. You can maybe use other oil, but this is the best for being gently and not too oily. 

I parted my hair into two ponytails, which you can see me attempting to do in the third picture. My hair was pretty knotted! I then went to the bathroom and scooped the mixture onto each side. It’s honestly hard to do because the egg and oil together is super slippery. Also, my boyfriend noted it smelled like his usual poached egg breakfast, so if you’re into that kind of thing you’ll love it. If your hair is really thick like mine, the whole mixture will most likely be used. It was hard to get it all to absorb into each side of my hair, but eventually it soaked through. I concentrated this mostly at my ends and the middle of my hair, and I allowed it to come up a little bit towards my roots. I didn’t want a lot near the top because it might make your hair look slightly greasy near your roots. I then made little buns on each side and pinned them into place. Some more intense hair masks called for waiting up to 2 hours, but this one was only 20 minutes. You can wait around and read or do what you do when waiting. You can also use a shower cap if your hair is dripping. After 20 minutes I took out my hair and showered, washing it wit shampoo and conditioner as usual. I also want to note that your hair after waiting will feel crunchy, but once you shower it feels normal again. 

I used this once as a treatment and my hair this morning feels so soft and isn’t frizzy at all, which is a big change because all summer it’s been dry and frizzy. If you have more severe damage to your hair, you could use the mask twice a week for a couple weeks until your ends aren’t as broken. I also noted it toned the ends of my hair where a lot of blonde is. There is a lot less brassiness in it, which was a nice little surprise! This is the perfect mask to do so you can relax before going back to school. You can use it on a pamper night, or even during a sleepover. It was very easy to mix and find the ingredients. Most of the masks I got from Lush and other beauty places worked really well, but if you just don’t have the cash right now to go and buy a luxury hair mask, this works just as good. If you want to insulate your hair for a more intense treatment, you can wrap a towel around the shower cap on your head, and the heat will keep the hair even more moisturized. Let me know if you try this out, and what you think of it.


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Glitter Ombre Nails



Hey guys!

I did a little glittery ombre on my nails for Labor Day weekend as I was going out to a few places and am having a little barbecue today. This was my second attempt at an ombre in nail form (the first attempt ended badly and messily). It was relatively easy to do this time, but I think that’s due to the amount of sparkles I had covering the nail color. 

First thing you’ll need is the darker base color, an in-between color, and a LOT of sparkles. You’ll also want to rip a pieces off of a sponge (you can use a kitchen or makeup sponge). 

I use the first darker grey color (Essie’s “Cashmere Bathrobe”) and dabbed it onto the sponge, and then lightly dabbed that on the cuticle area of my nail and up to about the middle of the nail.  I let that dry completely, and then used the silver polish (Sally Hansen’s “Celeb City”) and put that on the other side of the sponge, and then dabbed it where the grey color ended, and then up toward the tip of the nail but not all the way. 

I used a very glittery sparkle polish on top of that, and I made sure to use one with chunky glitter (Nicole by OPI’s “Party Bus”). I used two coats of this and really laid on the sparkle so as to conceal anything that didn’t look like a smooth ombre. I didn’t even have to use a topcoat with this, and for a few days of activities it has held up great!


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Makeup Look Using Ipsy Bag August 2014

ipsy sample



Hello Everyone!

I did a quick look at the makeup I used from my Ipsy bag this month. I know these aren’t the best pictures like last months, but I had no one to take them for me and I wanted to show you the best I could what it looked like. I originally used the Urban Decay liner as just a smudgy smokey look into my top lashes, but I then decided to see if I could wing it out, and it worked surprisingly well! The eye shadow was a bit translucent on my skin tone, so it wasn’t worth trying to show that up close, but you can see the Coastal Scents blush palette looks peachy and natural. 

Hope you enjoyed! 


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End-of-August Find: Drop Earrings

Hey guys!

I have a great jewelry item that’s a bit of a splurge, but would be totally worth it if you’re looking for earrings that can be used for basically any formal or classy event going on from now till Christmas. I’ve been kind of slacking on wearing any earrings because I feel a bit uninspired, but I ventured out to find a good pair that aren’t overpowering. These are from Nordstrom, and are pretty pricey at $64, but they are really great quality for a formal jewelry piece. 

They are by Kendra Scott, and the reason I was drawn to them is their shape. To me, it looks like an arrowhead, and with all the fringe and indian-inspired trends this fall, I think they would be very complimentary. I thought I’d share them with you, and they have many other colors besides this one to choose from. This color, “Gray Catseye”, is an awesome neutral that will match probably any holiday or cocktail-party ensemble you come up with!


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My New Fall Boots + How I Styled Them


Hello everyone!

Just about once a year I decide to splurge on a good solid pair of shoes. This year, being so close to fall, I decided a nice boot was my best pick.

These light-brown boots are from Asos. I am shocked (and a bit ashamed) to say it was my first Asos purchase! But I checked so many sites and stores like Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters only to be disappointed at the options and prices. These boots are called “Riff Raff” and I’m not sure if that’s the style, because these are an Asos brand shoe. But it looks like a chelsea boot to me, just with a good sturdy heel. The main reason I liked the look of them is because when I’m walking across campus and there’s slippery leaves or snow starting to fall, I want a boot that isn’t like my riding boots, but also isn’t a snow or rain boot. They look very stylish on, and since the platform and heel are all black, they match virtually everything. I imagine as it gets colder these next few months I’ll be stacking comfy socks into them and wearing them with tights. I can’t wait! This summer has brought some cooler-than-normal weather, so when I took these pictures my feet weren’t particularly sweltering yet. For a late summer night, pairing them with a long skirt or jeans would be perfect. These were just over $100, and they are real leather, so I think it was a pretty good deal for the quality of the shoe.

As far as this set of pictures, I wore a simple black dress from H&M and my white kimono from TJMaxx over it. The lightness of the dress and kimono were perfect for the shoes because they are pretty chunky, so I didn’t look like a complete flower child. I just wore my hair natural and did a gold-ish eye look paired with Mac’s lip glass in “Just Superb”. The more we get into fall the more comfortable I’ll be wearing these. I think chunky shoes with big comfy pieces of clothing are going to be popular this fall (but that’s just my prediction!). There was a black color as well, but I think they may have sold out on the site. After shopping with Asos, I’m intrigued to use them more. Because I spent over $100, they gave me better shipping for free. I got the package in maybe 4 or 5 days, so if you want a quick buy that is great quality, check out what they have!




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Oasap Challenge

Oasap Challenge

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