Ipsy Bag July 2014

ipsy july 2014

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Hello everyone!

Today I got my Ipsy bag for July. This is my second bag and when I got my first one last month, I totally didn’t think about uploading what was inside. But I thought I’d share with you what I got in the bag, and my first impressions.

Firstly, Ipsy is a beauty bag that comes once a month. It’s very similar to Birchbox (which my mom just started getting and is very pleased with) but I felt Ipsy had trendier and younger beauty finds that I would maybe not buy on my own. The reason I decided to sign up was because I never really go outside the box when it comes to new products (like colored liquid liner or very bright blushes) and this would allow me to try out these things without spending a bunch at Sephora. (Oh yeah, the bag is only $10) I REALLY think Ipsy is a great deal for what you’re paying. The company takes the money from your card on the first of the month, and so far it has been consistent. The bag comes right in the middle of the month, for example, today is the 16th, and last month it came on the 14th.

Firstly, I got the healthy sexy hair beach spray (and it was actually too big to fit in the bag that they gave me). I love these kind of texture sprays, and I actually use a gel one. This is for much beachier waves, and I’m excited to try it. I have two other products from this company, one being the Big Sexy Hair hairspray and the powder play. Those were both around $16 full size, and the size of the beach spray is pretty huge. It seems REALLY worth the money! It also smells nice. The tanning oil is something I’m honestly not going to use much. It has a small amount of SPF for you to “tan naturally” but in my opinion, I wouldn’t want to use a tanning oil because of how pale and sensitive my skin is. For people that would use a tanning oil, it’s an amazing size, and you could easily get five or six uses out of it, maybe more. I was most excited for this bronzer! I’ve never heard of pop beauty, but this bronzer is a gorgeous color for my pale skin (I’m a bit tanned, but honestly not much). You can sort of see in the picture that there is a VERY slight shimmer, but it’s mostly matte looking. This was so exciting for me because I always gravitate towards a shimmery and multi-colored bronzer since they look most natural and seem to be more for the money. Matte one-colored bronzers are usually more expensive, and I was excited to try. The pigmentation is good enough to see when first applied, but not too much that you have to be super careful. It’s easy to build a color onto your skin, and the size of it is great! The 5 in 1 bareMinerals product is actually a cream eyeshadow. As you can see, it’s teeny tiny compared to the other products. I was most disappointed in the size, but it was still a great creamy texture, and it was greatly pigmented. A coupon for a full-size version came in the bag, so you could buy the full size with a discount. I hope I can get a few uses out of this cream! The last product is a pixie lip balm that I enjoyed much more than I thought I would. Firstly, the color and pigmentation is perfect for the summer. It’s not too sheer, but it is also light, and smells like mint! The size of the product is also really good for the $10-in-all price! In all, I was really happy with my bag. Last months was also great, and I’m so happy I signed up for the website. Just to inform you, the items are mostly customizable to your style and body by taking a quiz when you first sign up. You answer questions about your hair color, skin color, skin type, eye color, and what you’d prefer for beauty products and brands. The lineup of brands is also super impressive, like Benefit, Urban Decay, Stila, Mac, and soo much more. If you’re looking for a reliable box that gives you trendy and good-sized product, Ipsy is the way to go. Each month, you also get a little makeup bag. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all those bags, but I love the idea behind each bag having a theme. (This months was a tanned-summer theme, very July appropriate). Also, the whole website was created by bloggers and beauty gurus, like Michelle Phan. One of my favorite Youtubers Andreaschoice is also part of the website. I think the amount of product given really justifies only $10, because when buying at stores like Sephora or Ulta, most of this is over that price anyway. As far as Birchbox goes, my mom is subscribed and really enjoys it so far. They work the same way as far as price and billing. Check out which is best for you!

Let me know if you guys are subscribed to any beauty bags/boxes, and what you think! I don’t enjoy having to remember monthly fees, and would usually NEVER pay for something like this, but if you’re looking to bulk up your makeup collection in an affordable way, I promise this is easy to pay for and very satisfying with what brands and how much product you receive. Another side note, I am using a proper camera now! I know these pictures aren’t perfect, but they sure are better. I’m going to work with my boyfriend to make them even better, so stay with me! I’m excited with what posts I have coming up now that I have a camera. I was also interested in doing a makeup look using the products from this July bag. Tell me what you think! It’d be fun to do a review of all the makeup actually on my face.

Have a great week!


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Pretty Easy DIY Manicure for Gold Polish

nail art stars


Hey guys!

I’m sorry my blog has been full of nail posts lately, but I haven’t really been into any other beauty/fashion related items besides that in awhile. Is anyone else in a mid-summer slump?

This is a pretty self explanatory nail art, so forgive me that it isn’t a groundbreaking design. I used the Formula X nail polish from Sephora in the color “Heroic” for the base of the nail.

I used this polish and let it dry completely after two coats. I then took a basic black polish (specifically from Forever 21 I think) and VERY thin paintbrush to make the star-like design on the two fingers. I will disclaim that even though I cleaned my brush immediately after using it in the black, it kind of messed up the brush, so maybe find a cheap one that you won’t reuse for actual painting. After letting the black dry, I used a top coat, but I really thought this was a easy manicure that jazzes up plain gold polish, since gold has been SO in lately.

If you try this out, comment and let me know so I can see! I was also tagged to do sort of a “About me” type of tag so I’ll be uploading that tomorrow night for you!


Thanks for reading,


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Zoya Nail Polish: Spring Line Review and Comparison


Hey everyone!

I recently picked up one of the spring colors from Zoya’s newest line. I bought the glittery color called ” Harper” that is a beautiful pink polish that reminds me of a Barbie pink or bubblegum pink. The main reason I picked the color (besides it being a great spring pink) is that it looked similar to the sparkly shade I bought from the winter Zoya line, which I got in the color “Storm”. I thought the comparison between the formulations and everything would be pretty easy, but turns out, it was quite different. When first putting on the polish, I thought to myself, “it’s just a springy version!”, but that was not actually true!

When first putting on the polish, it goes on pretty smooth. This is only my second polish from Zoya, but the smoothness is very consistent. I think the $10 price tag may be worth it with the easy application and the long lasting strength.

“Harper” was very similar to “storm” glitter wise, as long as it was on the nail. In the light, the sparkles had an iridescent shine to them that looked especially glittery. I actually wore “Storm” after wearing “Harper” to compare a bit better. The only difference I could find was when taking OFF the nail polish. When I removed “Harper”, it took forever. I was scrubbing and scrubbing with a cotton pad and then I tried actually scraping the glitter off with my nails and a nail file (which is VERY unhealthy and I wouldn’t recommend unless you desperately need to get it off). It seemed I should have used a base coat before applying “Harper”, which is kind of a no-brainer, but if I’m being honest, I don’t think I ever apply a base coat. (Do you guys? Haha). When I took off Harper, I immediately put on “Storm” without a base coat, so the comparison is fair. Both polishes lasted me a week, and honestly could have lasted longer, but my cuticle area was growing out too much, so I took both off after a week.

When I took off “Storm”, it came off so smooth that I was literally surprised I wouldn’t need all the utensils I gathered for scraping off the chunks of glitter. Before you start saying it was a difference in formulation, I investigated the sparkles (how pathetic). From what I could see, the spring like has sparkles that are much chunkier, and don’t sit in the polish, but rather on top (which basically just means that you should apply a base coat before using these kinds of sparkle formulations.

The sparkles definitely compliment the brighter colors in the spring collection, and the glitter looked just amazing on the nail and in the light especially. I went and sampled a few of the normal opaque colors and thought they would cover the nail in one coat. These nail polishes are honestly amazing in color and in lasting power, and I think you guys should check these out before going to buy any Butter London or OPI’s.

Have you guys tried Zoya yet?


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Butterball Review

butterballHello everyone!

I’m doing a quick little review on a new bath bomb I got in that small haul from Lush. This is a very well known Lush product, I am aware! But I always tried the more “exciting” (colorful) bath bombs before I tried this one, and in my defense, it isn’t the most exciting/entertaining bath bomb. But it IS amazing if you want to repair your skin from being dry in the heat of the summer, and it has chunks of cocoa butter in it that tend to stick to the tub (but I didn’t mind). This bath bomb took about 3 minutes to fizzle out, and it didn’t change my tub any colors, but it smells and feels amazing on your skin, so go ahead and pick this up for a relaxing body treatment!

What is your favorite bath bomb from Lush?



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Summer Inspiration Post

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great summer so far. Where I am it is so incredibly hot. I can’t believe there’s a hurricane coming up the coast, but I guess it is that season. I hope you all stay safe! I’ve been very inspired lately by beautiful clean lines that remind me of fresh summer days. I also just want to tell you guys that my blog may look a bit different lately, but please don’t mind its appearance. I’m working with different themes to change it up, and in doing so, I by mistake changed my theme and can’t get my old one back. If someone could tell me how to get that back, that would be great. I’ll update you when I finish all the re-vamps for the final product of my blog!


Have a great fourth of July!


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Lush Haul: Citrus Themed!

Left to right: Yuzu and Cocoa, Fizzbanger, Butterball, You’ve Been Mangoed


Hey guys!

I went to Lush and bought a lot of what seems to be citrus themed…the whole store is full of summery scents and I feel like citrus is just very refreshing. I got two bath bombs that I haven’t used yet. I’ve used many of them and wanted to try something new, as the Mango one is also a new bath melt to me. The only one I have used before is the Yuzu and Cocoa, and I love this bubble bar because it can be used in halves. I’ll review a few of them as I use them, but I just wanted to give a heads up that I made a little Lush cocktail and used half of my Mango melt and half of the Yuzu and Cocoa and it literally felt like I was in a tub of sweet lemonade, so give that a try if you’d like!

I’l review the rest to come!


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Review: Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren…NEW FRAGRANCE ALERT


Hey everyone!

So I have been debating whether or not to repurchase my Chanel Chance Eu Tendre, but it was so expensive, and I wasn’t totally devoted to the scent that much. I heard that this spring a lot of designers were releasing new fragrances, so I decided to wait it out. And boy was I happy I did. I first smelled this at the beginning of May when I got my June magazines, and I saw it everywhere. I smelled it in a magazine strip and decided it was a good candidate. I love that it’s sweet, but not too candy-sweet like Taylor Swift’s or Katy Perry’s. It has a mature feel to it, even though it’s quite floral. I wanted to try the perfume on so that I could see how it smelled throughout the day. Being a perfume enthusiast, I know that the longer the fragrance is on your skin the more some notes will stand out and fade. It reacts to everyone’s skin differently, long story short: I needed to test run it. I went to Macy’s, Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, Bon Ton, Ulta, and everywhere else that I could think to find this. It is petty new, but as of right now, it’s in most stores. However, no one is willing to give out samples, which is a huge problem because this stuff isn’t cheap! I’m not spending $74 dollars on 1.7 ounces if it doesn’t smell great throughout the day. There is also a roller ball size, and a smaller and larger bottle. I loved the middle size because it’s usually not too little or way too much.

The most prominent notes in the perfume are pink peony and black vanilla. I don’t know what black vanilla is or what the difference between that and normal vanilla is, but I love it. It gives the sweet smell without being too girly. I think this is the perfect perfume for a younger person who wants a feminine floral scent, but not something too mature. The Chanel I was using was a bit more grown-up, and the more I smell it, the more I realize it wasn’t a spring or summer scent, and more of a formal fancy fragrance. The formula for Ralph Lauren’s is also a lot longer lasting. I did a bridal show today and put a spritz of Midnight Romance on my wrists, and by the end of the day, I could still smell the pink peony. Anyway, I eventually got the perfume for my birthday on Friday from my boyfriend, and I was so excited! I have been wearing it for three days now but I know this will be my summer fragrance, and I may even repurchase it! I also want to point out that this perfume is a LOT different than Ralph Lauren’s other fragrance “Romance”. They are from the same line, which is this whole romantic sensual line. The Midnight Romance is a lot younger and more youthful. The normal Romance (which came out first) is more mature and musky. They are completely different, but I love them both! Check out both of the Romance line and all the other great spring perfumes out there. Let me know what you guys think about the spring scents, and if you’ve smelled the ones by Ralph Lauren.



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The perfect Summer Dress: Under $25!


Hey guys!

I found this incredibly affordable dress while I was searching around for something a bit more boho than my other dresses. This particular one was found at necessaryclothing.com

The first thing I loved about this was that it was a maxi dress. I am convinced that for summer, a maxi is just as important as a simple sun dress. And the best part it, this one is $21.99, which personally, I think you would pay way more for at Urban Outfitters or even Forever 21.

This dress has a hamsa pattern in the middle, which is great for all you hipsters out there. I have been reblogging so much of this hippie-bohemian-yoga stuff lately, so I enjoyed the graphic. It comes in one color, and in small, medium, and large. The website has a ton of other great deals, but this new arrival was on my radar for a great affordable dress that you can wear over and over again during the summer time.

What do you think? Let me know!


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Delicate Spring

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