Beautiful Spring Colors

Beautiful Spring Colors

Coral cardigan
$63 –

Dorothy perkin

Olive green skirt

Forever 21

Pearl earrings


Outfit of the Day!

Hey everyone!

Today’s outfit of the day is so cozy and beautiful, I think I might where something like this for my brother’s birthday party today!

The black skinny jeans are perfect tucked into a pair of black wedge booties. It draws a long black line down your leg, making you look leaner! A cream button up shirt is tucked into the black jeans, looking so chic. On top of that is an off-white chunky sweater-jacket. It is long and draped over those long legs, and also is long in the arms, making you look comfy and fashionable all at once. The red scarf is wrapped in a circle around her neck, balancing out the whole outfit. Lastly, the beautiful over the shoulder bag has the redish-orange of the scarf, along with color blocking some brown in there to pick up the fall feel! The sunglasses make you look oh-so-chic like a movie star. Perfection!

I don’t have any information about these items, but these are all so easy to find!

Thanks guys, I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Item of the Day!

Hey everyone!

Something I’ve wanted to try for a couple years now is leather leggings. But they’re always very expensive and it’s hard for me to not spend my paycheck as soon as I get it…

But I found a new twist on the usual basic leather legging. The front is a very sexy leather, while the back is “stretch ponte” (which is a fancy way of saying, stretchy soft material).

These leggings are in black, but they also come in taupe, which is another great neutral color.

I found these leggings at Hale Bob, but the link is here for you:

There’s only one big problem with these wonderful leggings, the steep price of $284.00.

So an alternative I can offer you is:

These leggings were a little less expensive, at $198.00. That’s still expensive, but at least it isn’t close to $300, and you can count on the quality. These leggings are similar except they are faux-leather, And they don’t have any other material on the back. The color is in “blackberry” . They are by Adriano Goldshmied, found at

I hope you enjoyed both pieces, because this is a huge trend for fall!

Thanks guys:)

Cutie of the Day!

Hey guys!

Over here in Massachusetts, it’s very gold and rainy today. So I didn’t have much time to do a full item or outfit post, I’m trying to keep warm! But I’m leaving you with this adorable picture of a little boy dressed up as a hobo, I hope you get a chuckle out of it.

Wish me some sunshine this weekend, cause I’m freezing!

Thanks guys XOXO

Cutie of the Day!

I haven’t done a cutie of the day in awhile, but I loved this picture! There is a website of dogshaming where you can see doggies that get in trouble! This one puts his toys up high so the other puppy can’t get them! I see so many of these and a lot of times want to send the things my own pup does! He’s so mischievous…

Just like always, if you guys submit a cute pet of yours or one that you found, I will gladly make it a Cutie of the Day!

Thank you everyone!

Ombre Crackled Nail

Ok so I am obsessed with nails and new designs and when I saw this, my initial thought was, oh gosh no way, that’s way too difficult. But then I realized it just looked super hard, but could definitely be achieved easily. All that needs to be done is some careful sponging to create the ombre effect. I actually thought the whole ombre on nails thing was impossible the first couple of times I tried it, and I learned with practice, it can be so simple.

The first thing you want to do is out down a color on your nail normally that you want to be the color closest to your cuticles (in this case yellow). Next, you would sponge the next color once the yellow is dry, and keep sponging and letting it dry until you have a gradual change. Once the second color is done, you sponge the last color that will be on the tips, and you keep sponging and letting it dry until it looks gradual as well. It doesn’t have to be too perfect in this case anyway, because you’re putting the black crackle nail polish over it, and it’ll hide many of the imperfections, while giving an edgy, polished look!

Tell me how you guys like this, and if you do it, please give me some feedback!!

Thank you!

Fall Boots: An Easy Visual!

Hello everyone!

So fall is now here, and I know I suggested to you before all of these great riding boots. But as I was looking through some to give you the links to, I realized something; there are so many different styles! So I found this great picture with the most popular styles on there to guide you in your search for the right boot!

Good luck!!

Beautiful Blue: Runway Trend

I’ve noticed that on the runways this fall during our great fashion month, the color blue was quite popular. I saw a lot of color blocking blue clutches, shoes, even eye makeup! But my all time favorite piece was this Carlos Miele piece that walked down the runway. The sweetheart neckline and one-shoulder strap flows into an elegant flow of a split down the torso, ruffling on either side. The deep blue and light teal is so popular this year, especially with color blocking, and I always loved the two together. When i saw this dress, I was so excited. It was beautiful and perfect.

Keep checking those runways!

Item of the Day!

Today’s item of the day is in spirit of the colder weather that’s coming! These are a great pair of Muk Luks Cold Weather Boots in the color Neutral. I am usually turning away from weather boots because since I was little, I thought of them as big, chunky, ugly things that only are for shoveling. Oh, how I was wrong!! There are morning where it is sleeting or thunderstorms or a snowstorm and you need to get to your car, you NEED a good weather boot at some point! Why not get a stylish pair?

The reason I love these is because of the fur on the front give an almost boho-eskimo feel. The brown and cream color is adorable, and the knitted snowflake design on the back is so festive and makes the boots look and feel cozy!

I have a pair of white ones similar to these, and I encourage buying some good, cute weather boots before it’s too late!

Thanks everyone, good luck and happy shopping!