Perfect Party Dress


I found a beautiful Frill Aztec Border Dress by Reverse, (I seem to be loving the aztec theme) and i loved every part of it. There are so many trends in one dress! The first great part is the padded cup top, which is everywhere this season. But it isn’t completely obvious, because of the pattern on the top, which i like. It gives it texture, and when you start to really check out the dress, you see the quality of the cupped top. It goes down into a simple black band, and this ruffles out to the black skirt of the dress, which looks like it flows and has layers, not like something too poofy. 

The aztec patterned top has white, black, red, orange, and yellow. The warm colors in contrast to the white and black are beautiful, and you don’t need to go crazy on the accessories. That brings me to why this is so great for a party! You want to wear something cute and something that stands out. You can make a statement with this dress because there are so many details that are so flattering, you don’t need a whole set of bangles and colored earrings and all the bells and whistles! You can keep the accessories simple, and let the dress do the talkin’. 

Find this beautiful dress at 🙂



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