Hair style: Updo!


Something that is underestimated is the undo! when we see beautiful outfits online we usually see pin straight or perfectly tossled curls, when we could make the morning so much easier by having our hair back in a beautiful, clean updo. I picked this one of Nicole Richie because i thought she had the right idea. She has beautiful and elegant makeup on, but instead of decking out her tresses, she pulled her hair into a pinned bun at the nape of her neck. This highlights your cheekbones, eyes, neck, and collarbone areas. If you don’t have time to heat-style your hair or you simply want to accentuate a different part of your body, simply clean up your part and fly aways, and bobby pin your hair into a clean bun into the back of your neck.Β 

Good luck! XOXO

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