Outfit of the Day!


Hey everyone! Today’s outfit of the day is comfy, sexy, and casual all in one wonderful look! The creamy chunky sweater is a great base for a fall outfit because you can wear it with/over so many things. The black skirt is the sexy part! It has the fall darks that we love (not to mention next to the cream, it looks gorgeous!), and it is the right length to wear in the fall with tights. The tights are just sheer black tights, but they still are so sexy and look great with this skirt. It looks like she has on black booties or maybe a black shoe with black chunky socks, but either will do with this outfit. The accents of the black circle scarf and brown leather messenger bag make it look like an effortless ensemble for those brisk days we are getting!

I hope you guys love it!

Thanks guys XOXO


7 thoughts on “Outfit of the Day!

    1. This was an outfit from Lookbook and the girl didn’t post where the sweater was from unfortunately 😦 but i do know that they got a new shipment of white knit sweaters at H&M. So look there!

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