Perfect Makeup for Green and Brown Eyes


Hey guys!

I found this gorgeous picture of makeup (I’m really into makeup) and i have green eyes, so i thought this might be helpful to those of you like me or those of you who have brown eyes. This eye makeup is going to make your eyes pop and the color look vibrant instead of “blah”. 

1. After using an eyelid primer, line your top lashline, your waterline, and your lower lashline. When lining your lower lashline, smudge it a little along the bottom of your eye.

2. Apply a brown base for you eyeshadow right onto your lids up to your eyelid crease.

3. Apply a pink/wine colored shadow all over your lid until the crease again an a little past the crease, from the inner corner of your eyes to past your lashes. 

4. Apply a more raspberry/cranberry color to where the pinkish color ends near the crease. Blend these two colors together. 

5. Apply a black to the outer corner of your eyelid and blend it with a fluffy brush to even it out.

6. Put a brownish lighter shade of the cranberry and blend it outside of that line until just a little under the brow bone.

7. Apply your favorite mascara to the top and bottom lashes, just one coat.


And that’s that! Try it out guys!


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