Fall Caramel Apples: A Twist!


Hey everyone!

These “Inside Out Caramel Apples” are a brilliant idea for fall treats. I don’t know about you, but caramel apples are usually delicious, but way too hard for me to bite into! I aways wanted the same taste, but easier to eat. This is such a simple way to get that affect!

Cut your apple in half, and hollow out the core and the sides until you’ve made a bowl-type structure with the apple. Don’t scoop out too much apple, make sure there is enough of the fruit.

All you do is add your caramel sauce, and top with walnuts! Another great idea would be sprinkling festive sprinkles or chocolate chips onto the caramel.

I thought this was so exciting for fall (can’t you tell?), I have all these little fall posts.

Anyway, I hope you try this out, and give me some feedback!! Thanks everyone!


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