Item of the Day!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I had an equestrian outfit and showed you where to get that tailored blazer. Today i found the most gorgeous pair of riding boots! These are called “Frye Paige Riding Boots from Garnet Hill. Now these are superb quality, and these boots will last a very very long time. They run true to size and are made of beautiful leather, the only problem? Well nothing unless you have $348.00 just laying around for boots. (And you all know I don’t). If you do, follow the link to buy them here:

For those of you who want some more reasonable suggestions, I do have a few!

First of all, I am a member of all the mints. If you aren’t familiar, look up “jewelmint” or “shoemint” and you will see what I mean. These are all websites (and there are many) for specific things for someone to buy. The websites personally choose things for you every month! You take a style quiz and they will match you up with monthly products. You don’t have to buy every month, but if you forget to hit the “skip month” button, you will be charged.

Anyway! Aside from the “mints” I am also a member of Shoedazzle, which is like all of the “mints”. It is like a book club, except with shoes. On my “shoemint” website, i found beautiful riding boots at the beginning of the month and they were $120 (and also called “Heather” which is my name, therefore i thought it was meant to be). That wasn’t bad and I was willing to pay, (seeing as all shoes by shoemint are made and designed by Steve Madden…), but when I saw my Shoedazzle page i saw identical boots for only $40. I jumped at the deal and they were shipped (free) and arrived a week later. Long story short, I love them. They are comfy, good quality leather, maintain their shape, have a great color, and go easy over jeans or leggings. So if you guys join these sites, I guarantee deals like this with all the new styles every month, and they are so worth it.

Another great pair I found was on and they are A2 by Aerosoles Trident, in Brown Manmade Suede. These are a little cheaper at $89.95 and are a great quality and comfort with an aerosole insert! The link is here:

I hope this helps you guys out with the whole Equestrian look that is so big right now! I’m so into it! 🙂


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