Beautiful Gift Set

Hello everyone!

I am aware that it’s Halloween tomorrow and that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, so Christmas ideas may sound crazy. But when it comes to the special gifts for special someone’s or family members, I always wait until last minute and freak out because I have no idea what to buy. So I am giving you an idea and a heads up! What I am sharing with you is an example, and it is VERY expensive. I am aware that not everyone can afford fancy things as gifts, but if you are like my family, my dad, my brother and I like to get my mom one very expensive gift that we all agree and pitch in on. So this gift is, like i said, expensive. But if I do give you guys things like this without alternatives, it is because I usually mean, give it as a gift. And on top of that, I think you could also find similar fine jewelry sets like this without the big expense. OK onto the real stuff…

So this is from Bloomies, and it is a Gucci Exclusive Sterling Silver Toggle Heart Box Set. WHEW that was a mouthful…

The set is $350 and have five star reviews.(For that price, it should.)

I hope you guys get some good gift ideas from this! Give me some feedback if you decide on a similar gift 🙂


Mint and Gold

Hello Everyone!

I am still waiting out the storm, so I cozy-ed up and thought I would search through polyvore for some memorable outfits. And what have I found? I love these colors. I think mint and white and nude are beautiful and clean. The accessories that are more essential like the shoes and bag look good in a neutral nude color. But when it comes to the jewelry, it is all gold. I love how simple the accessories are as well. When the clothing is super simple, the gold delicate accessories are beautiful.


I hope you guys are staying very safe out there! I am thinking of everyone in the storm, and I will continue posting as much as I can 🙂


Hair Inspiration!

Hello Everyone! For anyone reading this that is being affected or will be affected by hurricane Sandy, I am there with you! Here in Massachusetts, we are bracing ourselves for impact! But until then…

This is a great hairstyle. I am not a huuuge Victoria Justice fan, (in fact I don’t really find most of her stuff attractive) but this was absolutely beautiful!

As someone who has purple hair, this is obviously a little tame for me right now. But if I were to tone down this hair, I would absolutely go with this type of brown. I love how chocolatey and rich it looks with those subtle highlights.

A great way to get that shine is to use a good treatment on your hair to keep it healthy. Also, you can part it in the middle and lightly curl away from your face. That will give it this bouncy healthy look!

I hope you enjoy this little pre-storm post. Everyone keep safe!!

Item of the Day!

Hey everyone!

I have a great piece for those of you preppy dressers out there. I have a Grey Ponte Blazer Jacket from

In this color, there are only a few sizes left! There are many ways to wear this blazer, because it is so playful and can also be dressed seriously. The best part is that the lining is polka dotted with grey dots on the inside. The super popular thing to do with jackets is to turn up the sleeves, revealing the cute dots. You can wash this in a machine. The blazer is relatively cheap for something very good quality at $70. I am in love with blazers, and grey is a color I actually don’t have!

The link is here:


Enjoy 🙂

New Boots!

Ok so, I was a very happy girl today when I came home from classes and saw my new boots in the cutest shoe box I have ever seen! These were the motorcycle boots from that I was telling you about. They are called simply “Motor” and are in black. These I had to pre-order because they were sold out, but luckily before they made they’re last big shipment, they had my size!! I was so happy about this, and I was also SO happy when I got the boots and tried them on. So here are my pictures of them…

So as you can see at the end…My hamster really loved the boots as well 🙂

Now for the details…

These were $79.99 boots, so trust me, they were good quality.

The whole outside of the boot is a very nice heavy leather. The studs are a grey-ish metallic color in a block pattern (sort of reminding me of Minecraft). They also seem very sturdy. I know this because my hamster has bitten off remote buttons, and he tried with these and couldn’t make them budge. On the top of the boot on the outside, there is a buckle sort of thing that doesn’t really tighten anything, it’s just for show I think. The sole and whole bottom of the shoe is a very thick rubber that seems super reliable and durable, so that’s pretty good.

I think the thing I was most surprised about was that they looked really small when I first took them out of the box. I was scared that I just pre-ordered and just barely got expensive boots that wouldn’t even fit. And when I put it on, it was a snug fit, but honestly it is the most comfortable shoe or boot that I own. The inside starts with leather and then turns into a padded soft material all the way to the bottom where there is a pretty soft sole. They have great support and I don’t see having to break this in or anything. Overall, a really good buy 🙂 I would highly recommend buying from Wanted Shoes in the future if you have some extra money to splurge and you want something nice. I was really pleased with this purchase and I think I want more from this company!

Anyway if anyone else has anything about these boots and/or company please give feedback! 🙂

Thanks guys!

Braided Twist

I think one of the best parts of having long hair is all the fancy stuff you can do with it when you aren’t curling, straightening, (destroying) etc. There are beautiful things you can do with your hair at all lengths. I currently just got about 3 1/2 inches off of my long hair! So it is now to my shoulder or a little longer, and I’m looking for some other things I can do with it at this length.

The hairstyle I picked was called a “braided twist”, and this is something I sincerely want to try. For one thing, you only have to do a couple braids. Another thing is, you don’t need to many heat products. All you do is two braids on the side of your head. Next, take the remaining hair and twist towards the braids and pin underneath those banded braids. Secure very tightly.

Anyway this is so easy to do, I hope you guys are able to get this down!!

Good Tattoos

I think in the fashion world there is always this struggle of good tattoos that work and bad tattoos that we sometimes regret and don’t always work with our style.

I have nothing about tattoos, in fact I almost got one when I first turned 18 earlier this year. I was going to get a very petite clothing hanger on my wrist, because of my love for fashion. Unsure if I would end up with a job in that field, I decided to wait on that tattoo, but I believe it honestly would have been one that works! The one above is a beautiful peacock feather, which I also believe could work in the right spot.

The best spots for tattoos:

1. Wrists

2. Collarbones

3. Ankles

4. The back of your neck

These are all delicate placements. Wrists are beautiful placements for small thin things like hangers, or a word or quote. Collarbones are also a part that are beautiful for small things like hearts or words. Ankles are common places for pictures like flowers or anything else. The back of your neck is so popular right now, and it has grown on me! It is beautiful! And it softens your neck and makes it look quite thin!

Regretful placements:

1. Small of your back

2. Side of your torso

3. Feet

Ok so let me justify myself. Some of these are OK!! (But the small of your back is rarely ok for obvious reasons…) I think the side of your torso is excellent for quotes, small things, outlines of delicate images, etc. But NOT things like a huge dream catcher, (sorry Miley, it’ll go out of style VERY soon.), a big butterfly or something with a bunch of color, (it won’t go with most of your bikinis, trust me), and especially not a shark. I’m saying that because a girl I know tattooed a big shark on her torso and it made no sense. To make the long story short, if it is overwhelming, it will cut your torso line, and make you less long looking. When it comes to feet, I am so torn. I instantly hated this trend at first. Mainly because the first time I saw it, the one  of the not so many girls at my school that didn’t like me that much got a weird quote from some rap song tattooed onto her fat pudgy foot. That would skew your view of them too! But I also think it is just a trend, and I love the look of clean, delicate feet without ink all over. The only thing that I like above tattoos on feet are any that are on the bridge of your foot. A friend of mine got that done because she was a dancer, and it was honestly so beautiful.

I haven’t decided when or if I want a tattoo right now, but I may consider one in the future. Please give me feedback of your ideas! And share your unique tattoos, whether they are ones that work or ones that you may regret.

Thank you guys!

Frozen Hot Chocolate

Ok so the reason I am doing this recipe is because i believe having a drink with you is sort of an accessory. It’s nice to go to class or go out and have a coffee or something nice and warm in the fall that show off your leather gloves or new manicure. So I started getting coffees and hot chocolates, and even making them and bringing them to school. But this past week, Massachusetts was actually a bit warm! We had weather in the 70’s, and I would be walking up a bunch of stairs at school incredibly thirsty. So I wanted that same comfy chocolatey fall feel, but in a colder form. I found this recipe, and modified it to keep it very simple. Mornings are tough, let’s keep this simple.



3 Tablespoons Granulated Sugar

1 Package of Any Hot Chocolate Mix

2 Tablespoons Unsalted Butter

4 1/2 Cups of Ice

12 Ounces of Evaporated Milk

Ok so what you do is, put the sugar, hot chocolate mix, and butter into a burner. You’re going to just put it on low until it melts and is quite thick. After, let it settle to room temperature. Then take that mixture and add it to the evaporated milk. You’ll put this in a blender with the ice, blend it until it is nice and smooth, and put it in a glass! You can put whipped cream or sprinkles or whatever you want on top of the drink! This is for those warmer fall days!

Give me your feedback guys!