How to Reuse Your Old Clothes!

I wanted to do a post about what do to with all the normal basics you have in your closet. A lot of times there are so many trends, (crop tops, low-rise short shorts, jeggings) that we forget about the basics that are sitting in our closet waiting to be tagged in.

When you have all these trendy items, it’s easy to get dressed in the morning. You have new clothes and new styles coming out, and then you hit…October.

I walked into my closet a couple of days ago and all my trendy things were either dirty, warm clothes, or getting boring. Panicking, I said, “I have no idea what to wear?!” Realizing a second later how stupid I sounded, I looked around my closet at the piles of clothes everywhere. Of course I do! I’ve just been forgetting the classics.

This picture is a home run for a time like this. It is simple a button up shirt. We all have one of these, whether worn to a spaghetti dinner or an interview, or maybe you just like button ups. Throw it on. It may be unlike your usual style, but you will feel fancier. I swear.

The jeans are a basic dark blue wash, boot cut and flare, with a chunky brown belt. These are such basic items that you’d be crazy not to keep them in your closet. These jeans could be worn with something trendy, but once in awhile, pair them with the button up.

The shoes are hard to see, but wear something comfy and classy. Yes, I just paired those together. There are so many pairs of Uggs and Emus that are fancier than the usual boot. But those on! They’re perfect.

Lastly, we all have those cardigans that we rushed out to buy in like eighth grade or freshman year that were everywhere in Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, and Gilly Hicks. But while these styles have long passed, (though it took forever…) they still come in handy! If you don’t narrow down your wardrobe to just those things, it looks fresh the next time you wear the brand. Putting the striped old cardigan over your button up keeps it casual, but still dressed up.

I hope this was helpful! I know when I realized the proper way to reuse my old pieces, it changed the way I looked at my whole wardrobe.

Thanks guys:)


2 thoughts on “How to Reuse Your Old Clothes!

  1. Love this post. It’s so true. I started paying attention to my less favourite items and started playing around with them. I stocked up on basics tees, tanks, and long sleeves, so I could have more leeway with other items like jackets and scarves. Getting dressed in the morning is easier now that I’m aware of what’s in my closet and what to do with it 🙂

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