Outfit of the Day!

Hey guys!

The outfit for today is something that is very chic and “rich” looking, not so much as in money, but as in indulgence. This is a silk jumper. That is the number one reason for the decadence! The jumper is so fragile, and it’s a big long piece that is in white. Very chic, very rich. But the belt at the middle, along with the pockets and button up blouse style makes it very casual. This is very simple and complicated at the same time. The color scheme is a creamy off-white, so it stays simple. But a button up pocketed jumper, that is silk, isn’t exactly something you see everyday; it’s busy. So for accessories, the statement cream necklace is wonderful. It is also a statement as a complicated piece, but follows the color scheme, and is the only piece of jewelry.

I love this, unfortunately I am devastatingly pale, so pulling this off would be a bit difficult. For those of you with the olive and darker skin tones, this would be perfect and gorgeous on you!

Thanks everyone:)


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