Floating Ghost Halloween Decoration!

As many of you know, I love Halloween! It’s my favorite holiday, and the best part for me is making festive treats and decorations. I found this decoration and thought it would be so hard to make! But it wasn’t at all.

You need a couple of things:

An empty soda bottle


Styrofoam ball


Cheese cloth


So what you do is, attach the styrofoam ball to the top of the empty soda bottle. You then attach the wires to the side of the bottle so it looks like a head and arms. Cover the bottle, ball, and wires with the cheese cloth, and spray it with starch! Keep covering it with the starch until it dries. When it dries, it will hold the shape of the ball and wires that were under it! Take the cheese cloth off and decorate it as you wish to make it look like a ghost!

I got the idea from the blog everydayisacraftingday.com

Have fun. and Happy Halloween!


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