Rachel Bilson: Red Carpet Spotlight

Hey everyone!

I have great respect for Rachel Bilson. She was one of the reasons I started loving fashion. I read her articles that she wrote in for magazines, and I would see her outfits that she wore on the red carpet, and think she always looks effortless and gorgeous. It wasn’t until I started looking at her less dressy styles that I realized I dressed a lot like her!

Bilson always wears some piece that has a casual vibe to it. She wears jeans and a button up. She has sequin tops and cut off jean shorts. And in this case, she has dress pants, a blazer, and a comfy sweater!

I would have thought this sweater would look frumpy if it wasn’t paired with something sort or tight on the bottom. But that’s not the case! The way the black dress pants and blazer draw a line, and the sweater cutting it, it has a sharp looking style, with the relief of a knit sweater. Genius! She accessorizes with an off-white matching pare of pointed heels, and a statement necklace that has simple bronze triangles.

The best part of this is the pop of color in the bag! I love that she’s holding it by the handle, making it more chic. Beautifully done! You can vote “love it” or “leave it” at peoplestylewatch.com right here:Β http://www.peoplestylewatch.com/people/stylewatch/gallery/0,,20634935,00.html

I of course, voted “love it”. πŸ™‚



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