Beauty Look: Bold Smokey Eye

This is a great tutorial on how to do a bolder smokey eye that is perfect for a fancier event than just an everyday makeup routine.

Draw a line from the middle of your top lashline and loop upward to your crease. When meeting your crease, trace it with the eyeliner.

Take a black eyeshadow and apply it, filling in where you drew the loop from the middle of your eye to the crease. Blend it out to the edge of your eye.

Take a dark brown eyeshadow and deepen the shadow of the part you filled in, making it smokier at the edge of the eye. Then blend the dark brown into the crease so it creates a smokey crease line.

Apply a cream colored eyeshadow onto your brow bone. and blend it into the brown and black that is smokey at your crease.

Apply a nude color to the space in between the line that was looped to your crease and the whole crease of your eye.

Blend a black eyeshadow under the lower eyelashes, connecting it to the black that is blended on the side of your eye.

Take a flat eyeshadow brush and use black eyeshadow and use it to line your bottom lash line, making a dark, bold line.

Lastly, add generous mascara!

Beautiful! Please enjoy!


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