Eat your Cake, and your Cupcakes!

I think one of the greatest ideas for a wedding (and my mom is a great planner and organizer, so I’ve seen a lot of wedding stuff) is to have a cake and cupcakes. This is a perfect idea. The colors on this cake and cupcakes are beautiful! I love the pink and cream, with the flowers and little candy sprinkles. The flowers, lace, ribbons, make it so feminine and girly. If you look closely, you can even see the ombre on the beautiful fondant roses.

The upsides to a cake is that it is an event in the wedding. The bride and groom cut into it, the guests watch and take pictures and laugh, and it’s a great time. But sometimes passing out cake is an issue! If you don’t want a huge cake that is overwhelming, but you have a lot of guests, what do you do? Especially since small cakes are more attractive to the eye. It’s easier to pass out matching cupcakes. It’s also better because you can have different flavors of cake and frosting with the cupcakes! That way those with allergy issues or dislike for certain flavors can pick and choose.

It’s fun and practical!

Enjoy everyone!


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