Outfit of the Day: Casual

Now that it’s colder and I’m breaking out all my fall clothes, I have to come up with good outfits that also keep me warm. I find that i often have to tell myself not to compromise comfort because I like the outfit I have on (and it happens very often). This outfit doesn’t compromise anything!

The sweater over a shirt thing is my favorite. I love layers! I like the white underneath, with the tan oversized shirt over it. It flows in all the right places!

I love the jeans and the boots, because I like the look of the dark wash with a black boot. But i wouldn’t choose this style of boot, I would actually go for a riding boot or a chunky motorcycle boot with this outfit. These boots almost make it too casual for me. The black circle scarf is brilliant, matching the boots, and breaking up the lightness of the white and tan shirt with your face. Lastly, a simple cuff studded bracelet isn’t too much, but gives the appearance that you put effort into your style.

I hope you liked this! Thanks guys 🙂


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