Open and Brighten Your Eyes!

I usually wear a lot of natural makeup, like just foundation, blush, and blush or bronzer. But when i do want to play up my eyes or if I have to dress up for something, it’s nice to do something smokey that isn’t overwhelming. A lot of times you see tutorials telling you to take five different colors of black, placing them all in different spots on your eyelid, and then taking a huge brush and fluffing it around your eyelid. (what was the point of all that placement?!) So how do you get that sultry smokey effect without looking like a raccoon? Because I am not a professional when it comes to makeup, and when I get done with these tutorials, it looks as though I just survived a fight.

The problem is that smokey eyes do open up your eyes and make the color pop. But i found a great makeup style that will do the same, without the harshness of a dark heavy smokey eye.

The first step (after primer or foundation) is to cover your eyelid and eyelid crease (basically go 2/3 of the way up to your eyebrow) with a light shimmery silver. After, you can optionally line your top lashline with a dark eyeliner. For even bigger eyes, apply fake eyelashes.

Next, take any dark color. You can use brown, purple, green, navy, even black if you want. You’re just going to go halfway on your eyelid on the outside half and apply that dark shadow. Bring it out and blend it like in the picture so it goes past your eyebrow and fades. USE A BRUSH FOR THIS. Seriously. Because those little eyeshadow sponges they give you with the eyeshadow don’t work with this blending, and you won’t be able to fade it well. After you’re done with that, you want to take the silver from before, and with a thin brush, go under your lower eyelashes, and cover underneath them entirely. Then take that dark color again, and using a very VERY thin brush, connect the dark shadow on the edge of your eye to under your eyelashes, going about halfway across the bottom and then fading it.

The very last step is simple. All that is left to do is line your lower lashline very close to your eye and very very thinly. Add mascara to your eyelashes, and there you go! You only use two colors, one type of eyeliner, and mascara. These are pretty much all things you can find in your makeup bag, rather than all those crazy different mattes and shimmers and colors and shades. This is quite simple, and after a few tries, you will have it down.


Thank you everyone!



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