A way to Deal with Growing-Out Bangs

I had bangs in the summer that I kind of regret getting. They weren’t super short, they were split down the middle side bangs. But I decided to dye my almost all blonde hair to a very dark cool purple. And I wanted Β new hairstyle with it. I decided that I would take a very far side part and grow out those bangs. But sometimes when your hair doesn’t cooperate, you have no idea what to do with those darn bangs. So this is a great alternative! You simply take your bangs and then some extra hair with them. You then french braid but don’t go to far out. When your braid is thick, but not going to the sides of your head, you just continue in a normal braid until you get a little more than halfway across the top of your head. Take an elastic that is close to your hair color (a rubber one) and tie it, being careful not to make any bumps. You’re done!

The french braid catches any uneven pieces that would otherwise fall out with a normal braid. You can have the rest of your hair straight, curled, or a natural wave or relaxed hair style.
Enjoy! Give me some feedback if you could!


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