Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

My favorite color (as of right now) is pink. And how appropriate for the month! What? Don’t you mean orange and black? Actually I was talking about breast cancer awareness! I love anything that goes towards this cause. I have donated a lot of money to my cousin who lives in New York and does those big charity walks for breast cancer. But I am kind of far away from that, so how could I make a statement?

This is a great color pink, and then you simple glue rhinestones onto your big toe in the shape of the breast cancer awareness ribbon. The best way to do this is to use tweezers, and carefully place the rhinestones, putting the glue on the rhinestone and not on your nails when applying.

This is not my picture! I wanted to make that clear because the last picture I had wasn’t of me, and I will tell you all when it is my picture or me modeling. But this is still a great picture to show you what I mean!

Good luck everyone, and please spread the awareness!


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