Glitzy Nails

From my blog name, you can kind of guarantee I love glitter. On everything. And my favorite accessories to bling out is my nails! It’s usually so easy to match, it stays on better than a cocktail ring when you’re dancing around, and they are understated compared to a huge gem on your hand or neck. I am constantly searching for a good polish with good depth in the glitter. This sounds silly, but there are different kinds of glitter! Big chunks, tiny chunks, some look like galaxy stars, and some look like big flat sparkly dots. Another deal breaker is how easily it comes off. I have a great glitter polish with a great amount of colors from Forever 21, but it doesn’t come off for months. Literally. Months.

But this is a great polish. Zoya is creeping up on my list of favorite polishes, up there with Chinaglaze and Essie. The color is called “Aurora”. This plum/raspberry is huge right now, and you can play it down with darks for casual fall outfits or play it up with accessories if you’re dressing up. When I see this, I think of these nails on a mocha latte, with a big scarf and crunchy leaves outside.


I also highly recommend Zoya, they have excellent quality (for other nail enthuses out there…)

I hope you enjoy it guys!


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