MoroccanOil Hair Treatment

Hello everyone!

Recently I had a project in public speaking, and everyone had to do demonstration speeches. A friend of mine who works at a hair salon gave me a sample in class, and everyone else got samples too. But she gave me the best product out of them all, and I was the only one who got it. It was a tiny glass bottle of “Moroccon Oil”. I was so curious, what was I supposed to do with this stuff? A friend next to me leaned over and said “’re lucky! You got the expensive stuff!” I was so confused.

About a week later I went home and took a bath, like I do a lot. I decided to wet my hair and try out the product. I wet it all and then let it dry until it was damp, and put a little bit of the oil in my hair as directed. I didn’t feel any different. I shrugged it off and forgot about it.

Until I woke up the next day.

My hair was soft, natural, shiny, and so healthy! I was amazed, and I read the instructions that said not to use the oil too often. I continued the routine of using the bottle maybe once every couple weeks, and only using a little bit. People started telling me around school, “Your hair looks beautiful!” “I love your hair lately” etc. I was so happy I could make my extreme purple color treated hair actually healthy!

Unfortunately, the bottle just ran out. Frantically, I had to find the treatment. Online the biggest I could find cost way too much money. I decided to go to the salons where I get my hair done. Neither of them had it. AH!

When I got back to class, I pleaded with my friend to find me the stuff, I would do anything. She said of course, and then she went to the beauty store, and I payed her  AND NOW I HAVE IT!

Now it’s been awhile since it was treated, so when I use it again, I will send in a picture to show you guys how absolutely wonderful it is!

I highly recommend this if you have some money to splurge on something. I keep most of my beauty products pretty cheap, but if you can, I would spend the money on this stuff.


2 thoughts on “MoroccanOil Hair Treatment

  1. Wow you just made me wanna run to my salon asking for some morrocan oil. HA
    Any specific brand you recommend?
    Thanks for useful tip! Love it

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