New Makeup: Blush and Foundation




Hello everyone! Today I went out and got new blush and foundation. To start with the blush, I got one by L’OREAL PARIS true match super blendable blush in “spiced plum”. It comes with a little brush, which is very soft and blends so well! The color is a deep pink, which I got because I have pale skin and anything too orangy looks weird. It’s a pressed powder form, and I had to apply pretty generously to get a bold effect.




The foundation I got was by Covergirl. It’s an ADVANCED RADIENCE pressed powder in “natural beige”. It comes with a little sponge applicator and a mirror in the compact. I really liked this foundation. It covered everything, and my complexion looked flawless. It really gives you am airbrushed look, but wasn’t cakey. I am enjoying the powder foundation a lot more than liquid ones because of that!

If anyone also has these, give me your feedback as well!

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