Good Tattoos

I think in the fashion world there is always this struggle of good tattoos that work and bad tattoos that we sometimes regret and don’t always work with our style.

I have nothing about tattoos, in fact I almost got one when I first turned 18 earlier this year. I was going to get a very petite clothing hanger on my wrist, because of my love for fashion. Unsure if I would end up with a job in that field, I decided to wait on that tattoo, but I believe it honestly would have been one that works! The one above is a beautiful peacock feather, which I also believe could work in the right spot.

The best spots for tattoos:

1. Wrists

2. Collarbones

3. Ankles

4. The back of your neck

These are all delicate placements. Wrists are beautiful placements for small thin things like hangers, or a word or quote. Collarbones are also a part that are beautiful for small things like hearts or words. Ankles are common places for pictures like flowers or anything else. The back of your neck is so popular right now, and it has grown on me! It is beautiful! And it softens your neck and makes it look quite thin!

Regretful placements:

1. Small of your back

2. Side of your torso

3. Feet

Ok so let me justify myself. Some of these are OK!! (But the small of your back is rarely ok for obvious reasons…) I think the side of your torso is excellent for quotes, small things, outlines of delicate images, etc. But NOT things like a huge dream catcher, (sorry Miley, it’ll go out of style VERY soon.), a big butterfly or something with a bunch of color, (it won’t go with most of your bikinis, trust me), and especially not a shark. I’m saying that because a girl I know tattooed a big shark on her torso and it made no sense. To make the long story short, if it is overwhelming, it will cut your torso line, and make you less long looking. When it comes to feet, I am so torn. I instantly hated this trend at first. Mainly because the first time I saw it, the one  of the not so many girls at my school that didn’t like me that much got a weird quote from some rap song tattooed onto her fat pudgy foot. That would skew your view of them too! But I also think it is just a trend, and I love the look of clean, delicate feet without ink all over. The only thing that I like above tattoos on feet are any that are on the bridge of your foot. A friend of mine got that done because she was a dancer, and it was honestly so beautiful.

I haven’t decided when or if I want a tattoo right now, but I may consider one in the future. Please give me feedback of your ideas! And share your unique tattoos, whether they are ones that work or ones that you may regret.

Thank you guys!


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