New Boots!

Ok so, I was a very happy girl today when I came home from classes and saw my new boots in the cutest shoe box I have ever seen! These were the motorcycle boots from that I was telling you about. They are called simply “Motor” and are in black. These I had to pre-order because they were sold out, but luckily before they made they’re last big shipment, they had my size!! I was so happy about this, and I was also SO happy when I got the boots and tried them on. So here are my pictures of them…

So as you can see at the end…My hamster really loved the boots as well 🙂

Now for the details…

These were $79.99 boots, so trust me, they were good quality.

The whole outside of the boot is a very nice heavy leather. The studs are a grey-ish metallic color in a block pattern (sort of reminding me of Minecraft). They also seem very sturdy. I know this because my hamster has bitten off remote buttons, and he tried with these and couldn’t make them budge. On the top of the boot on the outside, there is a buckle sort of thing that doesn’t really tighten anything, it’s just for show I think. The sole and whole bottom of the shoe is a very thick rubber that seems super reliable and durable, so that’s pretty good.

I think the thing I was most surprised about was that they looked really small when I first took them out of the box. I was scared that I just pre-ordered and just barely got expensive boots that wouldn’t even fit. And when I put it on, it was a snug fit, but honestly it is the most comfortable shoe or boot that I own. The inside starts with leather and then turns into a padded soft material all the way to the bottom where there is a pretty soft sole. They have great support and I don’t see having to break this in or anything. Overall, a really good buy 🙂 I would highly recommend buying from Wanted Shoes in the future if you have some extra money to splurge and you want something nice. I was really pleased with this purchase and I think I want more from this company!

Anyway if anyone else has anything about these boots and/or company please give feedback! 🙂

Thanks guys!


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