Beautiful Gift Set

Hello everyone!

I am aware that it’s Halloween tomorrow and that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, so Christmas ideas may sound crazy. But when it comes to the special gifts for special someone’s or family members, I always wait until last minute and freak out because I have no idea what to buy. So I am giving you an idea and a heads up! What I am sharing with you is an example, and it is VERY expensive. I am aware that not everyone can afford fancy things as gifts, but if you are like my family, my dad, my brother and I like to get my mom one very expensive gift that we all agree and pitch in on. So this gift is, like i said, expensive. But if I do give you guys things like this without alternatives, it is because I usually mean, give it as a gift. And on top of that, I think you could also find similar fine jewelry sets like this without the big expense. OK onto the real stuff…

So this is from Bloomies, and it is a Gucci Exclusive Sterling Silver Toggle Heart Box Set. WHEW that was a mouthful…

The set is $350 and have five star reviews.(For that price, it should.)

I hope you guys get some good gift ideas from this! Give me some feedback if you decide on a similar gift ๐Ÿ™‚



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