Beautiful Hair Inspiration: Selena Gomez

Hello everyone!!

My latest hair cut and color is very similar to this, (copied from Katy Perry as a black to purple ombre) but the length is very similar to this. I also part my hair in this direction and this deep, and have grown out my layers. The key to this sort of styling is to curl in all one direction all over your head. If you notice on the right side her curls are curling away from her face, and her hair on the other side is curling in towards her face. A reason why this works is because the bulk of her hair that is parted on that left side of the picture curls in and is a little shorter than the rest of her hair. You also want to have your curler on medium strength and use a lot of hairspray. Toss your hair around gently and spray again, and there you go!! I would say to use a 2 inch curler.

If you also notice, her part is kind of messy. It is in one direction for awhile and then goes to the other side slightly. This makes it look effortless!!



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