Item of the Day!

Hey guys!

I am so sorry I have been neglecting you, (me and my mom have been decorating for Thanksgiving) but I am back with a great item!

This pair of beautiful “Grace Earrings” are stunning. For an elaborate event, I thought this was genius. They are by Ashley Clarke London:

They are 18 Karat gold, yellow, gold, and lemon quartz. Yum! It is a beautiful glitzy look that is breathtaking. The designer of these earrings is a genius London based jewelry designer named Kiki McDonough.The lemon quartz is lined in diamonds. Yes, lined in them. Like I said, yum.

The reason I love these is because they are beautiful, but they aren’t a boring standard diamond. This is an accent, not just something to wear. It can transform the way your face and neckline look with an elegant wardrobe.

The reason I don’t? $990.


But fear not! I have Etsy to the rescue!

These are crystal vintage pink earrings, lined in white crystals. The pink stone is a Swarovski. And the best part? $38. You gotta love Etsy.



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