Outfit for Coats and Dresses

Hello Everyone!

I have been snuggling up against the cold (it has been getting into the 30’s here in Mass) and I needed to find ways to stay warm while still looking good!

For awhile, I will be honest, I was wearing sweatpants, sweaters, sweatshirts, fuzzy (mis-matched) socks, and huge boots to keep warm. (There is nothing wrong with that! I actually do have a day once a week more or less that I dress down.) But I found some inspiration on how to dress up while keeping cozy this winter!!

This long grey wool wrap jacket is beautiful. I personally have one similar, only it is a peacoat. The grey is very fancy, even if you just have a pair of jeans and flats! The simple black dress is beautiful, and the simple design calls for the statement necklace. To add some sexiness, the black pump (my favorite!) dresses you up for an occasion or night wear. The grey wool back matches up with that jacket and is a hand held bag. Any bag with a small strap like this is very chic and much better than a huge tote full of books (that I may or may not be carrying…)

I would personally add legging or tights with some nice design to give you a pattern and some warmth!!

Send me some feedback, but this is usually how I approach dressing up during these colder days. Thank you!


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