Glitter for New Years





Hello everyone! I hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Today I did a fun nail idea for new years.  I did have golden glitter, but that felt more like Christmas.
First I did one coat of nude nailpolish from forever 21 (the love and beauty kind). After, I carefully took a silver,  red, green, gold, blue, purple, and much more from claires. I did a normal French with the glitter and let it dry for a second coat. Lastly, i put a clear topcoat!
Like I said, pretty easy, but still fun.
Thank you!



50 Awesome Holiday Nail Art Ideas (There’s Something for Everyone!): Girls in the Beauty Department:

50 Awesome Holiday Nail Art Ideas (There’s Something for Everyone!): Girls in the Beauty Department:

Hey guys, sorry for the absence lately!!! Holidays are oh so busy…

Anyway I found awesome nail ideas from Glamour (whom I LOVE) and thought I would share it with you. There are some easy ideas and polishes, as well as some more advanced designs. Give me some feedback, and have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! (If I don’t post tomorrow) And of course, for anyone not celebrating Christmas, have a wonderful holiday season as well

Thanks everyone!



So I got some positive responses on my beige trend post, and I decided to put up a few of the pictures that didn’t make the first cut of the previous post. These are all beige styled clothing, and hopefully can give you some more inspiration!!

Now the last one isn’t beige, but let me explain!! I think that if you wore a beige top or possibly a skirt, that orange and black against it would be beautiful and unique for the winter. (That’s what I’m on the lookout for now…)

Anyway, enjoy!


Beige: Trendy Color for Winter

Hello everyone!

This winter I have had a lot of minimalistic outfits. And the key to minimalist style is to have basic colors. My favorite of them? Beige and nude. Here are some collections for inspiration around those kinds of outfits!!

Here is some inspiration for your winter beige blues. (I don’t own these pictures, but these were my favorites compiled from my favorite blogs)

Thank you guys, give me some feedback!

Nail Polish of the Season

Hello everyone!

I apologize for not being around much, my family has been visiting for the Christmas season.

I stumbled upon a wonderful polish with luscious beautiful colors, and you should check it out!! Illamasqua is the name, and please give me some feedback! I myself have not personally used this brand, (because I have heard it was pricey)…But I would love to learn more!

Thanks guys, and I hope your holiday seasons are going great!!!

Item of the Day!!

Hello everyone! Yesterday I posted a beautiful dress that I thought would be a great holiday dress. So today, I was looking for some jewelry that would go well with it. The thing with holiday style is that it usually has to be sparkly. And I found the perfect thing.

These are Gold & Crystal Chandelier Earrings from Neiman Marcus. They are by Jose & Maria Berrera.

The gold chandelier design is quite festive, and those stones add bling to your look. These are glamorous, and can be worn with so many styles!!

These are in stock, but they are also $490.00. For those of you ready to take that plunge, here is the link:…&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=prod151540394skuGOLD&CS_003=5630585

I found an alternative pair that are similar by Nadri for $68.98. You can find them here

Enjoy, and happy shopping!

Item of the Day!


Hey everyone! This beautiful item is one from mod, a great website for vintage-y clothing!!

This is great for a Christmas or New Years dress.The top is sequin and the bottom has a band with black tulle-like material that flows out.

It is $69.99 and there are only two left!! They are smalls.

Pick it up, or get one similar for the season! And please give me feedback 🙂