Take a Bow

As you guys know, I love bows. They are so girly, but can be chic and sophisticated. They are becoming pretty popular right now, and I’m guessing in the spring, bow tied accessories (scarves, necklaces, etc) will be huge. My little brother is going to the semi, and I even picked out a gold one for his suit. (So adorable). So heres a good head start on all those bows!

This bow-tie cuff bracelet is beautiful, and only $10.00. You can get it at Etsy.com here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/91169105/bow-tie-cuff-bracelet-faux-leather-black?utm_campaign=Share&utm_medium=PageTools&utm_source=Pinterest

It is faux-leather. But it looks excellent in quality! If you send the shop your measurements before buying, she will custom measure them for you!

I really hope you guys enjoy this adorable bracelet, I thought it was a great twist on the trend.



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