Zoya – Storm






I am a huge nail fanatic, so I thought it was time to see what all the fuss with Zoya was about! I thought I would be able to find this popular polish close by at CVS or Target, but it proved harder to find. It turns out this designer nail polish can only be distributed to salons or independent shops. The only other way is to order straight from the website.
I looked at the winter collection that they had and decided on “Storm”. (I wanted a few others, but each bottle is $8, and you need to pay for shipping)
I waited long past a week before checking where my polish was. “Storm” just happened to be a best seller, and was sold out. Luckily, a new shipment came in, and less than a week later I got it!
Let me say that if it was more accessible and less expensive per bottle with shipping, I would probably buy it all. This nail polish is literally jewels for your nails, which I think is the slogan…
It was smooth, the color was rich, and in the light, the sparkles are stunning.
If you have the money to spend, I would say, this may be the best of the best. If I save up more money for polish, I will buy again. (It helps that they gave me a packet with every color they sell, including beautiful new spring pastels)
Besides the price and exclusiveness, this was an amazing buy. I highly recommend it.



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