Honey Conditioning Treatment




Hey everyone!
I always try to keep my hair moisturized and conditioned since it is naturally kind of Frizzy and dry. I also dyed it black recently, and flat black hair looks very bad. I try to keep it as shiny as possible!
This conditioning treatment works with every hair color and type.
Take a mixing bowl and take 1 tbsp of honey and put it in the bowl. Take an oil treatment (I use Moroccan oil because it is amazing?) And put a small amount of it with the honey. Now set it on the side of your shower and shower as normal, washing your hair and everything.
Before you turn the water off, put 4 cups of warm water into the mixing bowl.
Turn your shower off and mix the honey and oil with the water, and pour over your head into the hair.
Dry your hair as normal, don’t wash out the mixture. The next day you will be frizz free, with shiny curly hair.


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