Hair Style Trend For Spring

Hey everyone!

When I did my post about winter into spring hairstyles and colors, I got excellent feedback, so thank you for that!

What I also got were a few questions regarding what I predicted would be the biggest hair trend for spring. So I needed some time to think about this.

What I posted were mostly blonde hair colors, and that is pretty typical for spring. But the more I looked into where spring trends and advertisements were going, I changed my mind.

Now don’t hold me to this, I could be wrong, but this is just a prediction. (I am usually good at it though) My predictions are that this beautiful red-brown color. It is amazing against spring florals, pale pink and sea foam green pastels, and white lace and blazers. It isn’t completely dark (like my hair…) and it isn’t so light that it gets lost in the lighter spring tones.

While blonde and black hair can also be done so well with spring styles, this red-brown is a pretty good in-between place where girls might feel safe doing it. It’s subtle, and very very pretty.

I also predict that the longer curls will be trending as well. It softens the clothes one wears, making it extra-girly for spring.

Yes, Miley Cyrus may have chopped off her hair and bleached it, and many other may too, but I believe a beautiful brown with red tints and long luscious curls will be what is seen everywhere throughout this winter into spring.

Feedback, as always, is welcome! Thank you guys 🙂



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