Springspiration: Maxi Skirt

Hey guys!

So I know I made a little pun but this is actually a very serious issue! I have wanted (and been searching for) a maxi skirt for so long that I could actually work into outfits. A lot of trends are intimidating, and I find myself avoiding them for silly reasons…”Maxi skirts will probably go out of style”, “Maxi skirts are probably expensive”, “Maxi skirts don’t go with anything in my wardrobe”, etc. But that’s the wrong attitude! I saw this outfit and instantly loved how cool it felt, and it seems quite easy.

The striped shirt is just a basic that I’m sure you all have. It isn’t too tight or too loose either. The skirt hits a little bit below the bust and then is belted with a thick brown belt. (I’m sure any color will do) Leaving your hair slightly curled or even just natural with the glasses or that hat keeps the whole look for getting to fancy to too casual. 

I can’t wait to try out all the outfit possibilities!

Feedback encouraged, as always 🙂



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