Spring Hair

Well everyone, these seem to be the hottest hair styles/colors right now. How is everyone’s Easter? I hope full of yummy food.

The first hair is a pastel pink. This is really popular with that grungy/hipster style. I really like it! Blacks and dark colors worn would look great with that pink.

The second one is Mila Kunis (love her) with a chocolate brown color. It looks beautiful with tan skin for spring. It is less darling but solo gorgeous. This would also look good with black flawy pieces of clothing for spring.

The last is a very interesting color. At brightest, it has a strawberry color, and at its darkest, it looks like a burgundy. There are some cranberry colors in it, and the whole thing looks beautiful. I would say black slouchy sweaters with shorts for spring would look awesome. (as you can tell, I’m transitioning my blacks for the warmer weather)

What do you think?



How To Fake Lace

Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a good time off with Easter, Passover, and everything.

I wanted to do a post on this amazing bra I came across. It’s called the Natori Tank Bra, and is found at Bloomingdale’s for $52. It comes in black and white, and is meant to be worn instead of a lace cami for things that are low cut. I hate when I have a cute top that is too low, and I have to put on a bunchy cami while it’s so hot out. Viola! Perfect solution. It is made out of nylon, spandex, and polyester. It also has wireless cups. The tunic/dress under it is a good example of what to wear with the bra. It looks great without one! But sometimes for more appropriate circumstances, the tank bra is genius.

What do you think?


More Hot Pieces…



Hey guys!

So for this trend page, I have shown you what I plan to get and wear when it gets warmer (hint hint, mother nature).

1. This is a Vera Wang bridal collection shoe, but I think it could really be worn with a number of things in the spring to cutesy-up and outfit. They could even make black skinny jeans a bit softer!

2. I thought this necklace was so sweet. I’m not sure where it’s from, but I love the idea of intricate jewelry during the hotter months. With less clothing, the simple delicate jewelry is so classic. It could look great in contrast to a plain black tee and printed pants. Viola!

3. On the other hand, I love the bohemian feel of the gold and feathers. This bracelet is so cool, and is from Jewelmint. I had an account, but canceled it. If I see anything I really love I might open it again. This would look amazing in a bracelet stack with beads, cross bracelets, and even real feathers on some bracelets. VERY boho.

4. This Raw Amethyst Point Necklace is on Etsy by Keyla Viviana. The shop name is called “shopkei”. I am in love with this right now. I love the raw cut stones, and I wanted them so badly in a ring or necklace. I love the color of this so much! To go really grungy, you could wear it with a tie-dyed tunic and thigh high socks.

5. I don’t know where these are from, but I love the pink in these earrings. Sometimes in the summer, it’s easy to get into the habit of wearing a plain tee with plain denim shorts. So adding simple beautiful earrings in a summery color look perfect. On the other hand, they can be completely dressed up if you want to wear a classy sheer shirt and pencil skirt for something. Add these babies and you have a very classy vintage vibe.

6. The last are sandals by Birkenstock. I surprisingly never owned a pair, and want some so bad for summer! They look so simple with a tank, white shorts, and a summery scarf!



Giraffe Nails

Hello everyone!

I did not do these nails! Just want to make that clear, but I thought they were amazing inspiration for some nail art that incorperated a fun bright color for spring!

You know I love doing fun nail stuff, so you may be seeing some fun things in the future…

I can not figure out how the giraffe was done so well. What do you think?



Shoemint Purchase





Hey guys!
I bought new shows from my Shoemint account! These are very similar to my other loafers that I bought In the fall, but better! They are much lighter for spring, with a toms-like feel.
They can be worn with a long sleeve white sheer button-up shirt with pastel blue shorts. They can be worn with khaki pants, a striped sweater, and a white vest. But my favorite is with white jeans, a chunky cream sweater layered over a long sleeve shirt, topped with a military jacket.
What do you think?

More Spring/Summer Inspiration

Now both of these outfits are so different, but I love both styles so much. In the spring, I tend to head towards the LC outfit, with a fresh bright color and the rest of my outfit clean cut. This is such great inspiration for going into the warmer weather. When I get to summer, I tend to like the grungy long haired, hat wearing, beach and shorts style. (Can you tell I’m itching for warmer weather?)

What do you like to wear in the spring and summer?


Outfit Inspiration

I know I did another outfit post earlier, but I love the exact opposite of the previous style as well. Instead of a bright maxi skirt, a longer neutral skirt is so vintage that it makes the blazer and flats look like a cozy outfit. The bow tied around the neck is adorable, and easily done with a scarf. I love the green and cream together. This neutral type of spring is a favorite for me as well. What do you think?