Orange Juice Face Mask


Hey guys!
I wanted to submit this facial mask yesterday, but I’ve unfortunately been so sick that I put it off. And even though it made my skin heavenly, I’m still looking sickly. That’s why there is no face picture, but there is a pic of the ingredients.
You will need 1 tsp. Of Orange juice and baking soda. Mix them into a bowl and take a larger brush (I used a paintbrush) and paint the mix on your face.
This is the hard part: waiting! Wait for 20 minutes, and don’t talk or move your face. The mixture hardens quickly, and it may itch your face a tiny bit.
After 20 minutes, take room temperature water and wet your fingers, then massage your face to loosen the mix. Then wet a face cloth and wash it off.
It is so simple, and I can honestly say that my black heads are gone. I’ve tried everything and been Half satisfied until now! Enjoy.


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