Rimmel Londob Scandaleyes Mascara Review






Hey everyone!
I bought the new Rimmel London Scandaleyea Mascara, and tried it out for you. I read some reviews about the mascara that were good and bad. I agree with both sides.
For one, it does work. My lashes were darker and longer than they usually are with my Covergirl mascara. They also felt heavier and fuller, and the brush was an actual brush, not rubber.
But the brush is huge, Is shaped weird (in the picture you can see the funny-shaped end) and the consistency is kind of thick. For such a big brush and heavy mascara, I expected more.
But from the before and after pic, you can see, it DOES work,ย  Just not enough to be labeled “scandalous”. All in all I give it a 3 out of 5.
Have any of you used it?


4 thoughts on “Rimmel Londob Scandaleyes Mascara Review

  1. It is difficult with mascaras, I bought a Lancome one, not long ago and I was not pleased – it was too heavy and clogged my eye lashes. But there is one from Max Factor, in a bronze package, and it is really great, better than Lancome strange as it may sound.

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