Another Nail Idea: Pastel Tips

Ok, I know I just posted about a nail idea, but this has got to take the cake.

As soon as I saw this picture, I was like, “I can do this. This is easy.”

I decided I would scout my collection for colors closest to this (and most are old and crusty) and then buy the rest. As for the silver strip, I thought I could get nail stickers and cut a thin strip and stick it on, or take tinsel and glue it on…

But just as my ideas hit a rut, I clicked the link that the picture came from, and found the most glorious thing.

Nastynails.comย sells sets of nail polish to achieve different looks. Seriously. Most of these colors were Essie colors as well as an Orly, and GET THIS, silver tape. In the kit. For us. WOW.

It is all $24.00 (worth it if you’re a nail freak) and looks perfect instead of a makeshift version. I haven’t bought one of these kits yet, but I plan on it.

What do you think of having this handy dandy kit?



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