Two Favorite Accessories

1. C Wonder $48
2. ASOS $26.60


Hello Everyone!

I have been accessory crazy lately, and I saved up some money to buy a couple accessories soon! Everyone has their ideas of good additions to an outfit (boho headbands and fringe, grunge bracelet stacks and vintage sunglasses, edgy spiked cuffs, etc) but my favorite are the two above. How do you wear them? Read on!

1. Gem stone rings- I have wanted one for SO long, and am hoping for one for my birthday! (which is next month) Gem rings can go with many styles. They are a little edgy, and can be colorful. That means they can make a bold outfit even bolder, and a girly outfit even cooler. A mod-style graphic dress can have a modern twist with these, or even a cocktail dress for special events. It can be classy and dressed up as much as it can be casual.

2. I have also wanted a heart cross-body bag forever. They are adorable and stylish, and many come in multiple colors and textures. A Coachella-style outfit would go well with this bag. A silky button up shirt with lace shorts and sandals can look more modern and stylish when you add this bag. You can also wear it with a plain white t-shirt with a denim shirt over it, and striped shorts to break up the spring styles with something stylish and bold!

What are your favorite accessories right now? What did you think of these?



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