Best Dressed

1. Michael Kors $397.98
2. Unknown


3. Body Glove $57


4. Zara


5. Angel Court $72.99

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all safe with the crazy weather we have been having. Yesterday was my birthday, and it was extremely hot out. We are in for a heat wave, and just in time for some summer picks. I found all of these items scattered across the internet, and I will share where to get em’! Enjoy.

1. Michael Kors has done it again. When looking for something casual that is still chic, this dress does all the work. This is a shirtdress with beautiful cargo pockets and a stretch quality that is perfect for warm weather. The last thing you want is to wear something that doesn’t breathe or move with your body. The light color is gorgeous, and it can be belted to accentuate a waist line. I found it online at Nordstrom, and it was originally $995. But it was 60% to a still cool $397.98. Worth it if you have the money to spend!

2. I wish I could give you all the deets on this beautiful dress, but I can’t find it anywhere. I did want to include it though, because it has a bunch of trends in it. The black and white was all over the spring and resort runways, as well as stripes. It also has a very cool look to it. Literally cool, as in it looks like you won’t be sweltering in it. Gorgeous, and something to model any event dresses by for the summer season.

3. This halter just screams music festival. I actually thought it was a bathing suit top at first. I bet it could be used as one. I thought it looked awesome in black, which is the biggest color of the summer (oddly), but it comes in like a billion colors. And by a billion I mean: Blueberry, Fabulush, Mochachino, Orangerine, Pink Pulse, Scarlet red, Sea Blue, Sunny mango, and White. If you have any doubt what the creative names for the colors are, they actually look exactly as they sound. I found the top at!

4. Zara heels. Need I say more? You can probably find these anywhere. I stumbled upon them via a blog, but I couldn’t seem to find them on the website. This once again has the color-blocking black trend, and is perfect for summer. Let your toes breathe!

5. This might be my favorite find. This pendant is by Angel Court and is the symbol for devotion. It is perfect for that laid back summer vibe. (It would look awesome with that Body Glove halter!) It even has Swarovski crystals in it. $72.99 is a bit much for a necklace, but if you are looking for a splurge, this would be the perfect summer accessory. I found this at, and it was my first time visiting there! It had amazing accessories as well as apparel and artwork! They have a bunch of vintage finds and great things by small designers. Please go support this cool website!

What do you think of these summer picks?






My Favorite Nail Color Right Now

Hey everyone!

I am looking for some new summer clothes and accessories, and I think the best accessory is what is on your nails!

As you know I have aztec neon printed nail stickers, so it may come as a shock to you that this dark blood red is my favorite color right now. The color is Ox Blood by Essie.

While I do love bright pops of color of summer, I have been into really dark pieces. Everyone expects thin white materials, neon bathing suits, and fun nails and sunglasses. But wearing dark tank tops, and rich colors like burgundy and gold are unexpected and very edgy.

This color can also go really well with some monochromatic outfits. The runways were filled with black and white, blocking and stripes. The bold patterns will make this nail color look extremely sexy and chic.

What do you think of this nail color?


Hairstyle For Summer (Especially if you have bangs)

This is not my picture!

I just wanted to show you guys a really REALLY helpful way to keep bangs out of your face.

Bangs are very in style, and very hard to deal with in the hot weather. Sometimes you sweat, and they stick to you or don’t flow the way you want around your face.

I just want to note that you CAN do this with any hair, it is just really helpful for people with bangs 🙂

So all you really do is take a four inch section of hair to braid from the far side of your face, and french braid all the way to the other side. Take a small elastic and tie it around the braid. You can leave your hair wavy for a beach-y look, straighten (seen here) for a casual look, or curl it for an event. It really is convenient and easy, and everyone will be telling you how pretty it is.

Also, Happy Memorial Day!

What do you think of the braid?


Memorial Day Outfits

It is officially Memorial Day Weekend, and now we can sit back and relax with family. But depending on the weather and the parties you’re going to, you might need some outfit ideas. So here they are!

If you have family outings like the family in Wedding Crashers that is super preppy, than the first outfit is perfect. I love the nautical stripes! Very all-American.

For the rainier, colder areas, the second outfit is key. There have been bad storms a lot of places, and even where I live is getting a cold front. So the cardigan over a flannel and t-shirt is chic and still keeps you warm.

For the hotter areas, I love the third outfit. VERY all-American, with a nice American flag. This will definitely keep you cool, and also has a very casual holiday-weekend feel.

The last outfit I picked because I just love a fancy outfit as well. So if there are any fancy affairs you have to go to, I thought this was so pretty. The lace skirt is polished, but the loose button-up is casual enough for a long weekend event.

What are you planning on wearing this Memorial Day weekend?


Geometric Nails





Today I put on new nail stickers! I bought Sally Hanson Salon Effects nail strips. The pattern is called “Out of Line”.
I was looking for maybe some neon or summery florals, but when I saw the print I loved it. Geometric designs are all over the runways, and the bright color is perfect for summer.
As you may know, nail strips from Sally Hanson are my favorite because they are easy to use, and fit to my nails.
I did notice, however, that there were less nail strips in the box than usual. I’m not sure when they changed it, and I was kind of mad at first. But when I looked closer I realized they only included the ones I actually use.
So in the end, I was wasting less nail stickers. Maybe the company realized this was a better idea.
All in all, I love the print for summer, and I will be posting more geometric trends throughout this season!
What do you think of the nails and the trend?

L’ORÉAL PARIS Telescopic Waterproof Eyeliner Review





(I am sick today, so excuse my face)
So I picked up this eyeliner a little while ago because I should know how to use a liquid one. Today I finally tested it out, and after a few smudges and gasps, it worked! You definitely need a steady hand for this eyeliner.
It has a tiny inkwell, which I was worried about. But when I opened it, it had a very very small tip. This made it way eassier to apply, and it seemed to never run out!
The quality is pretty thick, but not goopy at all. I bought the black color, and it was excellent to make my eyes appear bigger.
All in all, this was mt first liquid eyeliner use, and L’ORÉAL made it painless! I give it a 5/5!
Have any of you used this product?

Taking A Break

Hey everyone!

As you may know, I am in college and am almost done with my spring semester. I have many finals coming up, so I may not be posting for a little while. But as soon as my tests and projects are over, I will have so much to share! Thanks again 🙂