Hairstyle For Summer (Especially if you have bangs)

This is not my picture!

I just wanted to show you guys a really REALLY helpful way to keep bangs out of your face.

Bangs are very in style, and very hard to deal with in the hot weather. Sometimes you sweat, and they stick to you or don’t flow the way you want around your face.

I just want to note that you CAN do this with any hair, it is just really helpful for people with bangs πŸ™‚

So all you really do is take a four inch section of hair to braid from the far side of your face, and french braid all the way to the other side. Take a small elastic and tie it around the braid. You can leave your hair wavy for a beach-y look, straighten (seen here) for a casual look, or curl it for an event. It really is convenient and easy, and everyone will be telling you how pretty it is.

Also, Happy Memorial Day!

What do you think of the braid?



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