Summer Items 6/23/13

2. Emma Stine $89
3. Three Floor $209


Hey guys!

This is like a half inspiration post and a pieces-to-buy post.

I have no idea where the first or last pieces are from…but I know they are adorable. The first one is definitely from a one of the runway shows from the fall 2013 collections. I thought it was a great indication that there will be a lot of red for fall, as well as ornamented necklines. (Which is exciting)

THe second item is a beautiful shirt that can be worn with soo many things. It is a soft knit, so it can be worn during the summer, as well as transitioned into the fall. The hem is asymmetrical, and the oversized shirt is cut in a way that it is 1 size fits all (for the most part).  I found this at a great new website that I want to see more of, called

The third item is something you might want to buy for an occasion, seeing as it is more expensive. The dress itself is made out of textured cotton and the top is a mesh material. The bust of the dress and the skirt is lined with a luxe material that reminds you why you spend so much for these cutout dress. It is gorgeous for summer events, and even works for the fall. I found this at

The last item is one I found online and can’t quite locate. But you can find these almost anywhere. I love the graphic tees for summer because they can be worn with skirts, shorts, and over bathing suits. I found so many like this at Forever 21.

What do you think of these pieces?



Summer Beach Pieces

1. Salty Girl Jewelry $169

2. Vans


Here’s some summer inspiration for you!

I found this beautiful bracelet at and loved it! It is hard to picture on, but it is literally like a bracelet for a mermaid (or mermaid lover). The fringe is delicate and feminine, and these bracelets are all hand made in Hawaii.

The second item is a pair of awesome, bright vans. I don’t know the price, but I believe they are from the Carhartt collection. (That’s leather, so I’m pretty sure they’re expensive.) But the color and style is awesome for the beach or just out on a summer night.

I love both of these summer pieces. What do you think?



Summer Hair Styles/Colors & What To Wear With Them


Hey everyone!

I lightened my hair a little while ago after it being black for months! It is now a light brown/red color, and in a couple months I will have it a rich deep auburn. But in the meantime, I found some amazing up-and-coming hair cuts and colors, and the best ways to wear outfits with them!

The first color is a beautiful honey blonde. It looks like it might be a caramel blonde underneath, which adds great dimension during the warm months with the sun! The style is mostly all cut the same length, and has a grungy quality to it. This has been big over the last few seasons, and it works well for summer because you don’t need all the heat products that dry your hair out. The best outfit for this grungy summer look is to wear a white button up shirt and dark slim jeans to still be put together and have that cool quality.

The new color craze is in, and it looks like it is plum! These plum highlights in the second picture are so cool for the warm weather. And the best part is, it can be incorporated into fall styles. Wearing hair in a bun is huge right now, so make sure to ask for highlights underneath your hair as well! A good outfit for this fun hair is a white button up shirt, bright pink jeans, and maybe even some cheetah heels. If you wear anything to dark with this hair it can appear gloomy, so keep it fresh with pops of color!

The third hair is very close to what I want mine to eventually look like, just maybe a bit lighter. This is a beautiful color for brunettes because it has highlights that look fun for summer, but your hair still has beautiful volume. Mandy Moore has short layers around her face that fall into long layers throughout the rest of her hair, which is why it looks like it has a bouncy look to it. A great outfit for this hair is a simple light sweater with cuffed jeans and brown leather sandals. This is a bombshell hair style, so keeping it simple would look downright gorgeous.

The last hair is really beautiful. The caramel-colored blonde hair also looks in some parts to be sandy-brown. There are short, medium, and long layers, which works really well because of the length of her hair. When your hair is very long, you can get away with the layer-after-layer look since you have so much hair. Since this hair screams “country chic” to me, I thought the best outfit would be a striped tunic with a fun color like pink over plain black leggings and cowboy boots. It is casual,but still fun and a little sexy.

What do you think of these popular summer hair trends?


6/13/13 Summer Picks

1. Evanworld $4.50
2. Haoyou $5.99
3. Madewell $138

Hey guys!

My favorite way to accessorize in the summer is with bracelet stacks. When you don’t wear as much layers, it is nice to stack up on bracelets to add some dynamics.

The top bracelet stack is a Harry Potter themed one, (I couldn’t resist, I am in love with Harry Potter). It has metal, leather, and cotton as materials, and the size of the bracelets can be adjusted. This is a product from and the shop name is Evanworld. The bracelets are handmade and shipped from China or Singapore. The shop I must say is very reliable and will contact you with address information, as well as being extremely open about feedback and keeping the costumer satisfied.

The second bracelet set would probably go with any summer outfit. The shop is Haoyou, and you can actually design a lot of the stacked bracelets yourself and request them from this shop. When ordering from the shop, you can specify the materials and colors that you want and the shop owner will communicate with you to give you the bracelets you want. This is also from

The third little item is a beautiful washed chambray blazer. This is by Madewell, and as always, delivers awesome quality and versatility for summer outfits. It is structured for a casual jacket, and is also polished with small pockets that lay at the hips. The hem in the back is also very flattering for summer dresses and things of that nature. I found this at

What do you think of these summer picks?


Simple Flower Nail Art






Hey guys!
I’ve been really into vintage styles lately, and I fell in love with this cute nail design. I first saw it on Mani-Monday post on someone’s blog, and decided to try it.
You will need:
-A nude color base coat
-Two colors of acrylic paint
-A very thin paintbrush
-A toothpick or wood skewer
-A paper plate
-A top coat
Note that I only put the flower design on my thumbs and pinkies. But you can use them where you’d like!
I first put two coats of a nude colored nail polish that I got from Forever 21. I thought keeping it simple would make the flowers stand out more. (My nude color is pretty pale seeing as I am pretty pale.)
Before moving on to the flowers, I let my nails dry a good 2 1/2 hours. I didn’t use a topcoat till the end.
After waiting a couple hours or until the nude is completely dry, take your acrylic paint. (My colors were Kelly Green and Soldier Blue.)
I practiced a few times with both hands on the paper plate first. The easiest way is to start with your stem color (mine is green) and with your paintbrush, make the first curved line. I made a slightly longer line off of that one, and then added the smaller branches after. After applying to my thumbs and pinkies, I let that dry and then went over the stem again with a second coat.
I took my skewer stick and lightly dipped it in the dot color (mines blue) and dotted a few more times on the paper plate. Then I quickly applied one dot to each stem!
After about an hour, I applied a good top coat that sealed the deal.
You can change the base colors and the flower colora to whatever you want! It’s a simple design that is fun for summer.
What do you think?

Dress Cool for Formal Summer Events

1. Tory Burch $135
2. Boohoo $20


Hey everyone!

I gave you some products earlier today, but I found a couple more things to share with you! I know that one thing that seems to pop up all summer long for me are fancy events. I dread this during the warm weather because I worry about my (very thick) hair frizzing, my clothing choices being too hot, and sweating because I didn’t choose the right sandal. But fear not! I have a few tips that can be solved with some retail therapy.

The first good idea for a fancier event is to keep your jewelry really elegant, and really minimal. In the fall I wear tons of bangles and necklaces and dangly earrings, but in the summer I feel myself wanting to rip it all off. A good suggestion is the Tory Burch bracelet I provided above! It is airy so your wrists will be able to breathe, and it is clearly a classy choice of jewelry. The gold is pretty in the summer because it tends to soften the color of any skin tone (even paper white, like mine). This bracelet is obviously pricey because it is designer, but investing in a few good pieces like this will save you when you are scrambling with what to accessorize with. This geometric pattern gives a clean high polished feel to the 16K-gold piece. It also comes in silver!

Another good idea is letting the clothes be the main event. We went over minimal jewelry, so I should say, statement clothing is really good during the warmer months. In the cold weather, putting staples over more staples and layering that with trendy staples works because, well, you are freezing. So when you are super hot at a wedding and don’t want to move because the cardigan you wore was the center of your outfit, you are in quite a pickle. Look for a dress that simple is the centerpiece of the outfit. This dress that I found at was only $20, and chances are you can find something exactly like it at H&M and Forever 21 for a similar price. No matter what you have in your summer closet, a statement formal event dress is key, and you can hit two birds with one stone by getting one that has a trend incorporated in it. (The dress also comes in “Coral” in size 8 and “Ivory” in size 12)

As for shoes, find something comfortable, and not heavy. The same way the accessories and clothes should be short and sweet (and easy to get sweat stains out of…) so should your shoes.

What do you think of these tips?


Adorable Summer Finds

1. Evon Case $40
2. Amadi 1 $29

Hey everyone!

Now that the weather is finally nice and I have enough money to go to a total shopping spree (which I will share with you when it happens) I have been thinking of cute new items to invest in. I came across these adorable little gems and thought I should share them with you.

The first is a pair of phone cases for a couple, a bff, sisters, etc. For people like me with a Droid, the cases can’t be used. But these cases do work with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. It is $40 for both cases (which is a pretty good deal), and it comes in a couple different colors. The colors shown are “Pink/Mint on Wood”. The other colors are: “Red/Navy”, “Red/Mint”, and “Red/White”. When the cases are apart, they also just look like a cool design! I found the cases on (I am becoming very fond of this website.)

The second item is a pair of beautiful heeled sandals. These single-sole wedges have a rose-gold plate (which is all the rage) and a gorgeous rose color. They are by Amadi 1 and are relatively cheap for heels at $29. And for those of you conscious of this, it is made completely of vegan leather. They only come in one color (rose) and there are only four left. So hurry! I found them at 🙂

What do you think of these precious summer finds?