Dress Cool for Formal Summer Events

1. Tory Burch $135
2. Boohoo $20


Hey everyone!

I gave you some products earlier today, but I found a couple more things to share with you! I know that one thing that seems to pop up all summer long for me are fancy events. I dread this during the warm weather because I worry about my (very thick) hair frizzing, my clothing choices being too hot, and sweating because I didn’t choose the right sandal. But fear not! I have a few tips that can be solved with some retail therapy.

The first good idea for a fancier event is to keep your jewelry really elegant, and really minimal. In the fall I wear tons of bangles and necklaces and dangly earrings, but in the summer I feel myself wanting to rip it all off. A good suggestion is the Tory Burch bracelet I provided above! It is airy so your wrists will be able to breathe, and it is clearly a classy choice of jewelry. The gold is pretty in the summer because it tends to soften the color of any skin tone (even paper white, like mine). This bracelet is obviously pricey because it is designer, but investing in a few good pieces like this will save you when you are scrambling with what to accessorize with. This geometric pattern gives a clean high polished feel to the 16K-gold piece. It also comes in silver!

Another good idea is letting the clothes be the main event. We went over minimal jewelry, so I should say, statement clothing isย really good during the warmer months. In the cold weather, putting staples over more staples and layering that with trendy staples works because, well, you are freezing. So when you are super hot at a wedding and don’t want to move because the cardigan you wore was the center of your outfit, you are in quite a pickle. Look for a dress that simple is the centerpiece of the outfit. This dress that I found at boohoo.comย was only $20, and chances are you can find something exactly like it at H&M and Forever 21 for a similar price. No matter what you have in your summer closet, a statement formal event dress is key, and you can hit two birds with one stone by getting one that has a trend incorporated in it. (The dress also comes in “Coral” in size 8 and “Ivory” in size 12)

As for shoes, find something comfortable, and not heavy. The same way the accessories and clothes should be short and sweet (and easy to get sweat stains out ofโ€ฆ) so should your shoes.

What do you think of these tips?



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