6/13/13 Summer Picks

1. Evanworld $4.50
2. Haoyou $5.99
3. Madewell $138

Hey guys!

My favorite way to accessorize in the summer is with bracelet stacks. When you don’t wear as much layers, it is nice to stack up on bracelets to add some dynamics.

The top bracelet stack is a Harry Potter themed one, (I couldn’t resist, I am in love with Harry Potter). It has metal, leather, and cotton as materials, and the size of the bracelets can be adjusted. This is a product from Etsy.comΒ and the shop name is Evanworld. The bracelets are handmade and shipped from China or Singapore. The shop I must say is very reliable and will contact you with address information, as well as being extremely open about feedback and keeping the costumer satisfied.

The second bracelet set would probably go with any summer outfit. The shop is Haoyou, and you can actually design a lot of the stacked bracelets yourself and request them from this shop. When ordering from the shop, you can specify the materials and colors that you want and the shop owner will communicate with you to give you the bracelets you want. This is also from Etsy.com

The third little item is a beautiful washed chambray blazer. This is by Madewell, and as always, delivers awesome quality and versatility for summer outfits. It is structured for a casual jacket, and is also polished with small pockets that lay at the hips. The hem in the back is also very flattering for summer dresses and things of that nature. I found this at Shopbop.com

What do you think of these summer picks?



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