Simple Flower Nail Art






Hey guys!
I’ve been really into vintage styles lately, and I fell in love with this cute nail design. I first saw it on Mani-Monday post on someone’s blog, and decided to try it.
You will need:
-A nude color base coat
-Two colors of acrylic paint
-A very thin paintbrush
-A toothpick or wood skewer
-A paper plate
-A top coat
Note that I only put the flower design on my thumbs and pinkies. But you can use them where you’d like!
I first put two coats of a nude colored nail polish that I got from Forever 21. I thought keeping it simple would make the flowers stand out more. (My nude color is pretty pale seeing as I am pretty pale.)
Before moving on to the flowers, I let my nails dry a good 2 1/2 hours. I didn’t use a topcoat till the end.
After waiting a couple hours or until the nude is completely dry, take your acrylic paint. (My colors were Kelly Green and Soldier Blue.)
I practiced a few times with both hands on the paper plate first. The easiest way is to start with your stem color (mine is green) and with your paintbrush, make the first curved line. I made a slightly longer line off of that one, and then added the smaller branches after. After applying to my thumbs and pinkies, I let that dry and then went over the stem again with a second coat.
I took my skewer stick and lightly dipped it in the dot color (mines blue) and dotted a few more times on the paper plate. Then I quickly applied one dot to each stem!
After about an hour, I applied a good top coat that sealed the deal.
You can change the base colors and the flower colora to whatever you want! It’s a simple design that is fun for summer.
What do you think?


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