Summer Hair Styles/Colors & What To Wear With Them


Hey everyone!

I lightened my hair a little while ago after it being black for months! It is now a light brown/red color, and in a couple months I will have it a rich deep auburn. But in the meantime, I found some amazing up-and-coming hair cuts and colors, and the best ways to wear outfits with them!

The first color is a beautiful honey blonde. It looks like it might be a caramel blonde underneath, which adds great dimension during the warm months with the sun! The style is mostly all cut the same length, and has a grungy quality to it. This has been big over the last few seasons, and it works well for summer because you don’t need all the heat products that dry your hair out. The best outfit for this grungy summer look is to wear a white button up shirt and dark slim jeans to still be put together and have that cool quality.

The new color craze is in, and it looks like it is plum! These plum highlights in the second picture are so cool for the warm weather. And the best part is, it can be incorporated into fall styles. Wearing hair in a bun is huge right now, so make sure to ask for highlights underneath your hair as well! A good outfit for this fun hair is a white button up shirt, bright pink jeans, and maybe even some cheetah heels. If you wear anything to dark with this hair it can appear gloomy, so keep it fresh with pops of color!

The third hair is very close to what I want mine to eventually look like, just maybe a bit lighter. This is a beautiful color for brunettes because it has highlights that look fun for summer, but your hair still has beautiful volume. Mandy Moore has short layers around her face that fall into long layers throughout the rest of her hair, which is why it looks like it has a bouncy look to it. A great outfit for this hair is a simple light sweater with cuffed jeans and brown leather sandals. This is a bombshell hair style, so keeping it simple would look downright gorgeous.

The last hair is really beautiful. The caramel-colored blonde hair also looks in some parts to be sandy-brown. There are short, medium, and long layers, which works really well because of the length of her hair. When your hair is very long, you can get away with the layer-after-layer look since you have so much hair. Since this hair screams “country chic” to me, I thought the best outfit would be a striped tunic with a fun color like pink over plain black leggings and cowboy boots. It is casual,but still fun and a little sexy.

What do you think of these popular summer hair trends?



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