My Vacation Nails





Hey everyone!
I am back to blogging now that my summer classes are over. I’m currently on vacation in Georgia! I had a really cool and colorful chevron design on my nails when I first came here, but they were too chipped to show you. These are my new nails.

So originally I wanted my ring finger to be gold. When I went to buy the polish the black color (Maybelline Color Show in “Twilight Rays”) looked sort of gold because there is gold glitter in it. But when I put it on it was very very black. So be aware of that! The white color is also Maybelline Color Show in “Porcelain Party”.
The whole ring-finger-different-color thing is big right now, and so is black and white. So it’s a win-win!
I also bought a new topcoat that I highly recommend. It is the clear coat by Covergirl, and it was nice and smooth. It really protected my nails.
Tell me what you think of this design!


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