Chalkboard Room Accessory


Hey guys!
My mom made me this excellent chalk board planner for my dorm! You will need:
-a piece of plywood
-paint (for the base of the plywood)
-chalkboard paint
-doorknobs (optional)

To do this, you need to paint the plywood the base color. After it’s dried, tape off the sections for the chalk squares and paint them. Once that has dried, put whatever stencil you want over the chalkboard and paint with whatever color you like. Then, glue (or screw in) the doorknobs on the bottom.
Some variations are, you can have one square with Saturday and Sunday, or you can skip the door knobs and use a piece of wire across to hang things on.
This was too hard to hang since we can’t screw things into the wall, but either way works! It’s beautiful and helps keep me organized.
What do you think?


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