Revlon Cream Blush Review




Hey everyone!
A little while ago I decided I wanted to try a cream blush. I feel like for fall, it looks very pretty and a lot more noticeable than the powder blushes I usually use. I found a great color called “Rosy Glow” by Revlon that sounded exactly like what I wanted! This looked quite dark in the packaging.

To be honest, I was disappointed. I first thought I was using the blush wrong by applying with my fingers. So I looked up a proper way to put it on with a brush.

But even with a brush, it took layers and layers to work. And by the time I had layered enough to see the color, it usually was blotchy (I’m pretty sure it’s the consistancy, which is less creamy and more balmy). My skin is VERY pale, so I figured a rich color like this would show up nicely, but the cream just isn’t very pigmented. I suppose it could be used if you want a VERY natural and subtle blush on a very pale face.

I also want to note that because I layered so much, I used it up very quickly. I think within a month (or less) I had hit the bottom and was looking for better options. This blush costed about $8, so it wasn’t super expensive. I think I might just do a bit of research before buying another cream blush!
Have any of you used it? What did you think?


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