Spring 2014 Moodboard

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Here is my first moodboard for everyone! These are things I’ve been liking late winter/early spring. I plan on doing a few more of these soon as well.

Right now at my school a lot of senior collections are going down the runway, so I have seen a lot of their construction and inspiration. They all use moodboards, and I wanted to give one a shot. Let me know what you think! The website I used to make it is moodshare.co and it is still in beta. Let me know if there are any online moodboards that you guys use.

Basically, I have been watching Milan fashion week and have loved the street style going on there. Katy Perry is always my queen, but I have also been admiring Selena Gomez lately, with her outfits and her music. I had to throw in a few cute and funny pictures.


I will also be filming a winter-into-spring lookbook this weekend! It is my first one ever, so wish me luck. I should have it uploaded by Monday or Tuesday.

I hope you guys have a great week! Thanks for reading.



Glitterbunnies Expanding!

Hey everyone!

SInce I have a pretty good fan base for my blog Glitterbunnies, I am buying a great new camera until I can get a DSLR. That means better blog posts, better pictures, and more creativity!

Being at college has proved to be difficult with getting the right lighting and a not-so-good camera. 

But I have amazing new ideas for this blog like a seasonal collage of new trends every so often, outfit of the day, and lookbooks!

I also need your input because you are my followers, so let me know what you think! I was very seriously thinking of starting a Youtube channel to be able to talk more easily with you about products I’m reviewing or Lookbook type of videos. What do you think!

Getting some ideas from you will really help me push this forward so I have some personal ideas to give to you. Thank you so much for your patience with Glitterbunnies!


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